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You decide when and for how long you want to rent the Babywatcher. Nice and easy, right? The minimum rental period is three days and costs £74. Would you like to have the Babywatcher for a longer period? Then you pay £10 for each additional day. Are you renting during the weekend? That costs £10 extra, because of a surcharge on Saturdays. From £99 free home delivery!

By the way, did you know that people most often choose a rental period of 3 (£74), 7 (£124), or 10 days (£154)!

The Babywatcher is very easy to use.

1) Connect to the internet and log in to our software.

2) Connect the cables. Make sure the Babywatcher is connected to the laptop and don’t forget to plug it in. A green light will light up.

3) Apply scangel to your belly and the fun can begin.

Watch our installation or instruction video to see how to make the Babywatcher ready for use and how to make a scan yourself.

The Babywatcher is meant for 2D black and white scans. What you see exactly depends on your BMI and how far pregnant you are. For example, less than 20 weeks pregnant? Then you’ll be able to see your baby in its entirety. The further pregnant you are, the more difficult it becomes. You are now specifically looking for an arm, leg, spine, beating heart, and so on. Watch this pregnancy scan video to see what you can expect.

You can find the sex of the baby if you go looking for it and know what to look for. Would you rather not know? No worries, you won’t just stumble upon it. The level of detail in the picture isn’t as high as a medical device. It is a fun game to play during a gender reveal party though.

In this video, you´ll get an idea of what you’re going to see. Please note that the resolution of a Babywatcher scan is lower than at the midwife.

In the Babywatcher software, you’ll find tips for making your own pregnancy scans. For example, make sure you lie down in a relaxed position, use sufficient scangel and place the probe at the right height. You can also watch our instruction video before you start your scan, so you know exactly how to get the best images.

Have you already seen our instruction video with tips?

If you have a higher BMI or an unfavourable placenta, it can be more difficult to get a clear image. It is also possible that your baby isn’t in the mood to be watched. Try coughing gently or try again later.

Still no success? Make sure to contact us during your rental period so we can have a look with you.

Safety First

Our first concern when we got the idea for Babywatcher was safety. Here you’ll read everything you need to know about why making a pregnancy scan with Babywatcher is completely safe.