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‘Great to see our baby with so much detail and super service! An ultrasound got stuck and I lost the session, after mailing about it I got a response within 10 minutes with a very royal solution. This is the best Christmas present my husband, the future grandparents and I could’ve wished for!’
– Lianne Steeman

‘Super! I forgot to save the video but they solved that really quickly and sent them to us after all. Really good customer service!’
– Anke

‘It’s really fun to have the possibility to make contact with your Baby! We got the Babywatcher when I was 16 weeks pregnant. It’s really fun at that time because you cannot feel the baby move yet (at least I couldn’t). For my boyfriend it was also really nice to make contact like this, you can clearly see the head, body, and the movements of the arms and legs! It was very nice and we’ve already had so much fun with the baby, from the comfort of our home. Definitely recommended!’
– Marina van Maanen

‘A wonderful experience to see my little muppet. It was really easy to make an ultrasound myself and to save the images. I still savor the moments by rewatching the images.’
-Esther Hochs

‘I’m so happy with the Babywatcher! Every day I can look at my little bun and see what he’s up to. My husband also thinks it’s great to do. Babywatcher is really a must have for every pregnant woman!
– Alicia M