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I’ve used the Babywatcher in
both of my pregnancies because I love seeing my little bean and it’s so magical that they give people the opportunity to do this.

Amy Lee
United Kingdom

We hired the Babywatcher so that my grandmother could see the baby on her deathbed. This will be a precious memory forever!

The Netherlands

We already had a miscarriage and with the Babywatcher we could take a look at our baby and see the heartbeat. This was a very reassuring feeling and gave us security!


To make an ultrasound at home and show it to my husband, who is not allowed to go to the hospital because of COVID, was unique!


I gave the Babywatcher as a gift to a friend. She was so happy with it! You can save everything, so it's a great memory.

The Netherlands

I am now 16 weeks pregnant with twins and am totally happy with it! I rented it because my husband is not allowed to come with me because of Corona and since it will be our first kids, I wanted to share this beautiful moment with him.


It has been an amazing experience. I am 34 weeks and got to see my baby yawn, stretch and much more! I do recommend to get it earlier than this but I was lucky my baby was looking in the right direction,

United Kingdom

Very nice experience! I was a bit sceptical in the beginning because I didn't know what to expect as I was only 10 weeks but everything was so clear!

The Netherlands

It is so special to be able to look at your baby yourself. Even our 5-year old daughter was able to find her little brother or sister in my belly by her own efforts. A very special experience.

The Netherlands


A beautiful and special memory

At the same time, Astrid experienced one of the saddest and most beautiful events of her life. She is grateful for one of the last memories with her mother. Together, in the hospital bed, admiring the baby with the Babywatcher.

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An ultrasound at the baby shower

She is the first in the group of friends. The first in a relationship, the first engaged, the first married. The other day, there was big news: a baby on the way! That needs to be celebrated. Making an ultrasound at the baby shower, unique and binding!

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Scepitcal dad falls in love

Tim is a real man. During ultrasound sessions, he thinks he sees a right shoulder, but he hears that it is the left phalange. Doing an ultrasound at home sounds like fun! But he is quite sceptical. Is it really possible to do it yourself at all?

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