Pacifier cords: what to look out for?

Pacifier cords: what to look out for?

It's that time again: your baby has lost his or her pacifier, or the pacifier has fallen on the floor and is dirty. Let the cleaning begin. Many a mother will recognize herself in this scenario. So it's great that nowadays there is a solution for (almost) everything, including this, in the form of a pacifier cord! Attach your little one's pacifier to the coat, car seat, or stroller and your little one can say goodbye to losing his or her pacifier. Does your offspring consist of several little ones? Even then (different) pacifier cords are very handy to avoid giving the pacifier from the youngest to the oldest. But what should you pay attention to when buying and using a pacifier cord? We list the most important points for you!

 1. Cord length and cord thickness

When you want to buy a pacifier cord for your mini, it is very important to pay attention to the length of this cord. A pacifier cord should not be longer than 22 cm. The clip of the pacifier cord is not counted in the length, but the loop is. You can probably already speculate yourself about the risk of a pacifier cord longer than 22 cm. There's a chance the pacifier cord could end up around your mini's neck, posing a choking hazard. So absolutely avoid this by purchasing a shorter pacifier cord and never make the pacifier cord itself longer! Also be sure to make sure that the beads fit together well, as the pacifier cord will stretch a bit after a while. In addition, the thickness of the cord should be at least 6 mm. This is not just a recommendation, but a requirement!

 2. Material

Toys and other products that babies can come into contact with should have as few chemicals as possible. As you can imagine, so can pacifier cords. So when buying a pacifier cord, it's a good idea to check that the material contains as little BPA, PVC, lead, and other chemicals as possible. Do you have your eye on a pacifier cord with wooden beads? Then verify that they are made of beech wood. Beechwood is less likely to splinter and is antibacterial. Sounds good!

Looking for pacifier cords made from safe materials that are totally hip and can be matched with your mini's clothes at the same time? Then it's worth taking a look at the pacifier cords from the Babyzus and LaLieLoe brands. These certified pacifier cords are made from safe materials and do not contain BPA and other harmful substances. Whether they are trendy? Yes, they definitely score a 10 on that front. So have it!


LaLieLoe pacifier cord Forest Tree - €12,95


LaLieLoe pacifier cord Sweet Kitty - €12,95

 3. Holes in the clip

Have you ever wondered why the clip on pacifier cords has holes in them? No doubt you'd rather not think about it, but it's still good to know: when this clip accidentally ends up in your baby's throat, the clip does not completely close off the windpipe because it has holes in it. We cannot stress often enough that babies can be all too curious and like to put things in their mouths. Therefore, always keep a close eye on your baby and never leave your mini alone with a pacifier cord. But that shouldn't be so hard, since watching your little miracle is probably your fave activity ;)

4. Clean

You will come across many pacifier cords that are mostly made of beech wood. When you want to clean these cords, it is best to do so with a wet cloth. In any case, do not hold them under the faucet, as this may cause the wood to "work". Then let them air dry and you're done. It can be that easy.

 5. Do not use it during sleep

Letting your baby sleep with a pacifier cord? Don't! There is the risk of choking. A good alternative, in this case, is a pacifier cloth. Just goes to show that everything has its uses ;)

 6. Check before use

Even with the highest quality pacifier cords, something may break or comes loose due to frequent use. Therefore, make it a habit to check the pacifier cord before using it on your baby. Do you see something coming loose or breaking off? Then there's no doubt: don't use the product anymore. All the more reason to order a nice new one ;) This probably goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: never undo the buttons on the pacifier cord itself, as they are there for your little one's safety!


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