The cutest birth signs and window stickers!

The cutest birth signs and window stickers!

The pregnancy is progressing, the emotions are piling up, and meeting the love of your life (well, besides your partner the second love of course) is more and more in sight. So exciting! Chances are you are already thinking about the following question: how do I announce to the world that our little miracle has been born?
Of course, you shout this great news from the rooftops. But there are other ways to reach many people at once. Many parents spread this news using a birth sign in the front yard or a window sticker on the outside of the window, which you can usually customize to your taste! And yes, of course, you are still allowed to whip out the megaphone and announce the news yourself. Do you think a birthplate or a window sticker would be a nice addition, but don't find the ideas you can think of original enough? Then scroll down quickly, because we have put together the most original ideas!

Birthplate against the window
When you choose a birth sign, there are two options: a window sign also called a broker sign, or a birth sign that you attach to a pole in the front yard. Window signs are totally hip and happening and for a good reason. See for yourself, momma!

1. Kidsdeco 2. Hippe geboortekaartjes 3. Hippe geboortekaartjes 4. Kidsdeco 5. Kidsdeco 6. Kidsdeco 7. Kidsdeco 8. Hippe geboortekaartjes 


Birth signs in the front yard
Besides a window sign, you can also choose a birth sign on a pole in the front yard. Or both, that's also possible ;) Tip: Make sure you have a pole (or even several) that offers sufficient strength. This prevents the sign from falling over or breaking during bad weather conditions, which is unfortunately typical for the Netherlands. That would be a shame for such an eye-catcher!

1. Geboortebord kopen 2. Geboorteplein 3. Geboorteplein 4. Geboorteplein 5. Geboorteplein 6. Geboorteplein 7. Geboortebord kopen 8. Geboortebord kopen 9. Geboortebord kopen  

Window stickers
Do you want to announce the birth of your little miracle more subtly to the broader world? This can be done beautifully with a window sticker!

 1. Kidsdeco 2. Made for moments 3. Geboortesticker 4. Made for moments  5. Hippe geboortekaartjes 6. :-) 7. Made for moments 8. Ilse stickerdesign 9. Made for moments

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