The use of materials in children's toys

The use of materials in children's toys

That you want the best - and we really mean the very best - for your baby is, of course, undeniable. As an ultra mommy lion, you do everything in your power to protect your mini and ensure his or her safety. Thus, you make it your personal mission to ensure that your child is surrounded by toys made from safe materials. For this very reason, toys must meet certain certifications. Fortunately, many safe materials also have the added benefit of being very nice to the touch for your mini. Are you ready to become an expert on materials in children's toys? Then read on quickly!

What certifications do children's toys need to meet?

Well, certifications in children's toys are probably not the most exciting topic to discuss. But on the other hand, we won't have to convince you of the importance of this to ensure the safety of children. For example, it is important to know that toys must have a CE mark, as this mark indicates that toys meet legal requirements in terms of safety and health. So that means you can let your baby play with these toys with peace of mind.

This is because the legal requirements that toys must meet cover the flammability, hygiene, and radioactivity of toys, as well as the physical, mechanical, chemical, and electrical product properties. A lot of complicated terms, we are aware of that. But it simply means that you are about to purchase safe toys when you find yourself at the checkout with a CE-marked product ;)

Toys for babies

It probably also doesn't sound crazy that the guidelines toys must meet depend on the age of the child for whom the toy is intended. For example, we know all too well that babies love to put toys in their mouths - just find a baby who doesn't like to do that ;) Therefore, toys intended for children under the age of 3 should only contain a limited amount of chemicals. This applies, for example, to toys specifically designed for babies to put in their mouths, such as teething rings.

Materials in teething rings

Besides that ultra-important safety factor of the material of teething rings, of course, you also want them to feel nice in your baby's mouth. These days, you don't have to worry about that either. In fact, a lot of brands including LaLieLoe and Mushie offer certified teething rings made of silicone that do not contain BPA (a chemical) and harmful substances. A big advantage of these silicone teething rings is that they are sturdy, feel fine in your baby's mouth, and can withstand moisture well. They also exert gentle pressure on your mini's tender gums. This is ideal when your baby's first teeth are coming through, as it can help ease the pain. On the other hand, teething rings can also help teeth come through faster. Want to make the most of a teething ring for teething? Place the teething ring in the refrigerator for several hours for extra cooling. Bet your baby won't want to let go of the silicone teething ring again ;)


Teething ring Teddy Green LaLieLoe - €10,95

Besides silicone, beech wood is also often used as a safe material for teething rings from brands such as LaLieLoe and Chewies&more. This is because a beechwood teething ring is also very sturdy and odor- and taste-free, as well as having antibacterial properties. Were you already one step ahead and worried about this type of wood splintering? No worries, because beech wood does not splinter. Because beech wood is a bit harder than silicone, it will put more pressure on your baby's gums. Babies find the alternation of soft and hard pressure on the gums during teething very pleasant. The best of both worlds? Then a teething ring made of both silicone and beech wood is the way to go!


Teething ring Mustard Star LaLieLoe - €13,95

What about other materials for teething rings? Plastic and plastics are also commonly used, but these are less environmentally friendly. If you want to choose a safe and environmentally friendly teething ring, these are less suitable options.


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