Inspo for decorating the most adorable and practical baby rooms!

Inspo for decorating the most adorable and practical baby rooms!

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just leaps at the thought of it. I am of course talking about decorating the baby's room! Whether you're an interior design fan or not, you'll love decorating the baby's room. And trust me, decorating the baby's room will ignite your passion for interior design! Maybe you've been dreaming about it and talking about it (much to your partner's chagrin). Maybe you are bursting with ideas. Or maybe you've already stocked up on (a lot of) stuff. If not, don't worry, because this blog is full of inspiration for decorating the baby's room. And no, we do not think in pigeonholes. At least not completely. It's certainly not the case that a girl absolutely has to have a pink nursery. There are plenty of other options. Let's think outside of the box!

Practical tips for the baby room

Before presenting the most beautiful baby room ideas, it's a good idea to first list a few practical tips. Because in addition to a beautiful nursery, a practical nursery is also very important. For example, it's very practical to choose an adjustable bed for your little one. I don't think I have to explain to you that le bébé costs a lot of money. And of course we are prepared to do that for him or her, but when an opportunity to save money arises, you have to take it. Like here. A portable bed can be used from birth to 6 years of age. And that is quite a while. Oh yes, this probably goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: double check that the cot is never, ever (!) in a draught.

Besides, you can never have enough storage space in a baby's room. After all, a baby needs a lot of stuff. Luckily, we can combine practicality with beauty, as there are many fabulous cupboards and storage baskets that must be seen. Just like a changing table. Of which you can shop so many stylish ones these days too. Another practical tip that ties in with this is to make sure the changing table contains everything you could possibly need when changing le bébé. Like nappies, a laundry basket, wipes. So score a chest of drawers with enough room to store things.  

Another tip you probably hadn't thought of is choosing washable wallpaper. Imagine the following scenario: you are changing the baby's diaper and a tiny accident happens. A little puddle ends up on the wallpaper. There goes your beautiful wallpaper. So you should opt for washable wallpaper after all.

Decoration tips baby room

Before we move on to the real inspo for the baby's room, I'd like to give you a few deco tips. A deco tip that is also very practical is a lovely changing chair for mummy. This changing chair should be comfortable for cradling your baby and breastfeeding. It's also great for watching your mini fall asleep. Maybe this chair will be so comfortable that you will fall asleep yourself one day. A night light is always useful, especially when you like to watch your little one fall asleep. When you leave the room after a while (read: after hours, in the middle of the night), the night light means you won't trip over or bump into anything and therefore won't wake your baby.

And of course, a baby room is not a baby room without a huge amount of cuddly toys and pillows. Cosiness is not an option, it is a must. And more and more shops are stocking shelves with adorable cuddly toys for next to nothing. Another thing that makes a baby's room cosy, besides cuddly toys and cushions, is wall decoration. Think stickers, posters and photos. And the rule is: the more personal, the more cuddly!

Baby room moodboards

Finally! To provide you with plenty of baby room inspo and because visualising helps to get the best ideas, I created 5 different mood boards with baby room ideas. Undoubtedly something for everyone!

  1. Pink nursery

Let's start with a cliché anyway. Pink for a girl. After all, a soft pink colour remains beautiful. And maybe you can steer her towards pink as her favourite colour. A real princess! Dress up the baby's room with feathers and dried flowers, a pink pouffe, and maybe you can also store the Barbie's in a storage basket somewhere.

Babyroom pink nurseryPinterest ©

  1. Blue nursery

After a pink nursery, a blue nursery is the second cliché. Look for beautiful (washable) wallpaper with blue clouds, or balloons. Shelves are also a nice way to make a baby's room cosy. Who knows, there might be room for Miffy somewhere. Want to break the cliché a little? Then go for a darker blue colour, like navy blue.

Blue nurseryPinterest ©

  1. Light baby room

This is one for those who love white and other soft tones. A white nursery is becoming more popular by the day. And I can understand that, because it radiates tranquillity. Combine white with other soft tones such as beige to avoid the look of a hospital room. And think about wooden details. We love!

Light baby roomPinterest ©

  1. Earth tones baby room

Do you think that white is a bit too sterile? I understand that. A bohemian nursery is another type of nursery that is also very trendy at the moment. Think of earth tones. In short, a wide range of brown and orange tones. This type of nursery can be quite dreamy. Dress it up with feathers, moons and maybe even some lights.

Bohemian babyroom nurseryPinterest ©

  1. Jungle nursery

What child doesn't love animals? No child at all. Exactly that. And that's why this theme is also very suitable for a baby's room. You can never start too early to stimulate their love for animals. Decorate the baby room with animal prints and palm leaves. It's up to you how busy you want to make the animal mess. The central colour is, of course, green. I don't need to explain that. 

Jungle kids roomPinterest ©

Eyecatchers baby room

Finally, I would like to show you some eye-catchers that are an absolute asset to the baby's room.

  • Miffy lamp

It is quite pricey, but undoubtedly the cutest lamp you will ever have! Little ones love Miffy, and this Miffy lamp is a whopping 80cm tall!

  • Trapezium cradle

Looking for a unique cradle? Look no further, because it will not get any more special than this trapezoid cradle. The white colour gives the cradle a peaceful look, which makes it suitable for any kind of baby room.

  • Boxmobile

This playpen mobile is so dreamy that your baby is guaranteed to fall asleep. And ideal as decoration to brighten up the baby's room.

  • Leopard rug

To stay in the jungle theme for a moment. I bet you will fall in love with this rug instantly.

Eyecatchers baby room

1. Miffy2. Cradle3. Boxmobile4. Leopardrug ©


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