How to celebrate your baby's first birthday!

How to celebrate your baby's first birthday!

Oh my, it's almost here: your little one's first birthday. For a year now your life has been enriched by the presence of your mini. Of course, he or she was basically there for longer - because closer to you than in your womb is never going to happen again - but you know what I mean. This means that the birth, yes the birth, is over for more than a year. And that is something to celebrate!

Whether you have the feeling that you were an event planner in another life or not, a party means a lot of arranging. And often people think you're throwing money down the drain with a party. But you don't have to! There are many budget-friendly decorations and snacks. What's even more fun is to make them yourself. We bet you'll be the proud mom showing off your homemade deco and snacks at this birthday party - and maybe even get asked to do this for a family member or friend. We are only too happy to help by providing you with the below crash course "help: how do I celebrate my baby's first birthday?" ;)


Of course, the party will never get started if friends and family don't know about it. And how do you notify them of this special celebration? By sending a unique invitation. Nice and old school with a postcard, that's what we like. Greetz and Kaartje2go have a nice selection of invitations. Step 1: Check.




Maybe picking a location for the birthday party is a piece of cake for you: nice and cozy in your own home. Of course, it could also be that you like having people over, but prefer to celebrate the birthday in the open air (because no piles of garbage in the house). Then you can organize a cozy party in the garden. A small garden or simply don't feel like having a party at home? Then celebrate your mini's birthday in a park. Are the weather forecasts not looking so good? Then check if you can rent a small hall for this special birthday. There are plenty of options!


If you really want to do it right for your little one's first birthday, organize a theme party. Just because you can. And because you like to party too. Especially now that it may have been a while ago

Teddy bears

Something that always goes down well with children (and that matches the interior in terms of color, not unimportant)? Teddy bears. Go for white and brown balloons and garlands, a delicious chocolate cake, napkins in the shape of a teddy bear, and a plush teddy bear here and there (you probably don't even need to buy one). In a DIY mood, bake cookies in the shape of a teddy bear.

Napkins - €7

Candles - €3.95

Biscuit cutter - €1.80


Proud mama of a tough little guy who has a passion for dinos? Then you probably don't have to think long about the theme for this birthday party. Dino cupcake sticks, honeycombs, and balloons it is.

Honeycomb dino - €2.50

Cupcake toppers - €3.99

Balloon - €9.99 €4.99


Girls will be girls, and so will loving princesses. With a princess theme party, you'll make everyone's pink dreams come true. And maybe the prince on the white horse will also appear.

Cake - €13,-

Spiral pendants - €5.99 €2.99

Confetti balloon - €2,99 


Of course, on this special day, treats may be enjoyed extra - without them, it simply isn't a real party. Period. But why shouldn't unhealthy snacks be alternated with healthy ones? Because healthy can be just as tasty, we don't need to start that discussion with each other. And oh yes, these creations can all be made by yourself. Get to work in the kitchen, you kitchen princess!

Ballet treats

Oreo biscuits

Turtle biscuit

Healthy snack

Melon fish

Bite-sized snack

Healthy treats

Homemade decoration

To make the birthday party even more personal, did you take a picture of your mini every month of the past year? Stupid question of course, because you probably capture your mini on film every week (or maybe even every day). Take a large piece of cardboard, print out your favorite photo of each month in the first year of your mini's life - choosing that will be a challenge, so start in time ;) - and stick it in order on the card. Write the months underneath the photos and that's it: a personal masterpiece.

Birthday decoration

Are cupcakes part of the party too? Then let your inner creabea come out and make your own cupcake decorations. For this, you will again need your fave photos of your mini - preferably with different facial expressions. Print these out and only cut the head out of the photo. Make sure you have colored paper, pompoms, and toothpicks at home. Cut out small triangles from this colored paper and stick them on the faces together with the pompoms. Just glue the faces to the cocktail sticks and you're done. Another project to add to your craft portfolio!


Personalised cupcake

For this deco, it's probably a good idea to look at friends and family with sweet faces and ask them if they have any cupcake trays in their kitchen drawers. Gather as many as you can and string them together for a real cupcake tray garland!


Birthday decoration

Do you have room on your wall somewhere? Well, you'll want to make room for this piece of art anyway if you don't have any. I mean, a photo collage in the shape of a 1? It doesn't get more original than this!

Photo decoration

Capturing the moment

Just as you've captured your mini on camera countless times over the past year, you'll also want to get some footage of this special day. Since you'll probably have your hands full on this birthday, you can ask the attendees if they want to take some fun photos and videos. From all this footage, you can probably make a nice video. You know, to look back on this memorable day when you are in a sentimental mood.

You can make truly authentic images with a Polaroid camera. No twenty do-overs for that one perfect photo, but an authentic reflection of the moment. Exactly, for that cool vintage vibe, you see all over Insta. And also a bit BeReal.

Ticked off your entire list of preparations? Then it can't be helped that it will be a successful celebration. And don't forget to enjoy it, because you only get to experience this moment once!


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