Diary of a preggo: week 12

Diary of a preggo: week 12

Dear diary,

I always thought it was a myth that after 12 weeks, you suddenly magically feel better. I certainly couldn't imagine it when I called my physician last week, desperate to take that anti-nausea medication.

I also know that it works differently for everyone, but strangely enough, I have to say that my magic time has primarily arrived. In combination with the medication, nausea is significantly reduced, and I feel like eating again. As a result, I am starting to give in to all my cravings. I don't crave one particular thing, like gherkins or some crazy combination. I crave everything that is unhealthy and can be found in the sweets section. I tell myself that I can enjoy the fact that I am slowly feeling better for a week, and I try to limit the unhealthy cravings to 2 or 3 Candyman salmiacs a night. Because hey: one lollypop is not so bad after all - I say to soothe my conscience every evening.

Whereas I crave unhealthy sugars every night, my husband has suddenly convinced me that I really must start eating healthy. After weeks of living on crackers and fruit, I now have to start eating for the baby - and that has to be healthy. So this week, with all the best intentions, he served a plate of mashed potatoes that made me gag spontaneously. We will not go into details, whether this is entirely due to the pregnancy or perhaps also due to my dramatic side that hates stews.

But now, the good intentions begin. On Sunday, I will be 13 weeks pregnant and have to get back to my life. No more clubbing in the evening and back to my healthier blueberry craving. A lot more expensive, but also healthier. New week, new me - or something like that.

To complement a healthy lifestyle, I have added another vitamin this week. Unfortunately, these vitamins are not yet ingested without gagging - and sometimes even throwing up - so if you have a unique tip for this, help a girl out in the comments and let me know. I have been taking the Davitamon pregnancy vitamins with fish oil for now, but the calcium tablets just joined us this week. You can skip these if you have enough calcium in your food, but my oh so varied menu does not come close to that. So this pregnancy, we drag the calcium tablets along. Then, in the evening, I finish off with a light aspirin on the midwife's advice. This is supposed to reduce increased blood pressure and ultimately preeclampsia by 50%. Perhaps superfluous note: do not take this on your own. If you are at risk, the midwife will tell you at the beginning of your pregnancy.

As you often hear, ailments usually take over from each other. Nausea, for instance, is now slowly being replaced by pelvic and tailbone pain. Luckily, I took this into account when choosing my health insurance and am entitled to 24 physio appointments. Next week will be my first appointment, and of course, I will report here. See you next week!


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