8 Home Improvements to Make Before the Baby Arrives

8 Home Improvements to Make Before the Baby Arrives

Preparing for the arrival of a newborn is a daunting task. There are a lot of things you want to tackle at once. In all that fuss, it's easy to forget some simple things that you should do before the absolute chaos starts. That's why we're here - to remind you of these eight home improvements to make before the baby arrives.

1# Eliminate breeding grounds for germs

You might feel a long way off before your baby crawls and walks. And, you might think it's good for your baby to get into contact to build immunity. But it's a good idea to eliminate potential breeding grounds for germs. The germiest objects in a home are not your traditional suspects, such as doorknobs and light switches, but everything in your kitchen. Before your kid comes, care for key items like your kitchen sink, dish clothes, and faucet knobs. Likewise, our counters are swamped with disease-causing germs, and your kitchen utensils should get more and more care. 


home improvements to make before the baby arrives

Getting rid of harmful germs is one of the essential home improvements to make before the baby arrives.

It's all in the little things 

Although you don’t want to go crazy with the cleaning aspect, you want to start paying more attention to these things. A good rule of thumb is to take all the little things that won't be essential for the next few months and put them aside. Experts from Verified Movers suggest taking a temporary storage unit to remove all the clutter and still have your belongings when you need them after a while. 

2# Design the nursery

The era of vibrant colors and Disney characters is finally over. Now, clean lines and softwood in nurseries take the throne. The trends lean toward minimal design that serves its purpose. Things you can easily clean and expand are great options when decorating your baby's future room. Pick out a diaper pail that can double as a toy chest or a crib that you can convert into a toddler bed. Also, a rocking chair can be helpful when you need to nurse or rest while looking over your baby. However, don’t forget to include plenty of storage for quick clean-up and a floor area for your young one to play. 

3# Baby-proofing is essential 

The home environment can be dangerous for newborns, especially once they move around. That's why it makes sense to zero in on what matters. Some examples of baby-proofing include: 

  • installing locks on cabinets and drawers 
  • covering electrical outlets 
  • keeping cleaning supplies out of reach 
  • securing the lids of the toilet and the trash can
  • protecting the corners of expensive furniture 
  • installing guards on windows 

4# Fix the little things on the outside 

When new parent heads to their car, they usually have an armful of baby care necessities. The sooner a problem like loose stairs or a door that requires two hands to open can be fixed, the better. Otherwise, some of these minor problems can become severe hazards for crawling infants or tottering toddlers before you know it. Add similar maintenance, such as replacing loose walkway pavers, to the list. 


home improvements to make before the baby arrives

Old stairs can be harmful to both you and your baby. 

5# Rearrange furniture to make baby-friendly spaces 

Babies aren't content to stay in one place - they wander around the house. Making the kitchen and bathroom child-friendly is a must, but creating baby-friendly spaces throughout the house is also fantastic. A high chair or countertop chair is helpful in the kitchen so the mother can sit the baby down while preparing meals. A bathroom with a tub or bath chairs and a vanity with storage drawers is ideal. 

6# Adjustments to the floors 

Even though it may not be high on most parents' to-do lists, it's essential to fix the flooring in your home before your new bundle of joy arrives. Smooth out the flooring if it isn't level. Once your baby starts crawling, this will help keep them safer. You should also have your carpets cleaned professionally before the arrival of your baby. Allergens and germs will be destroyed in this way. 

7# Kitchen renovations are one of the most important home improvements to make before the baby arrives 

After welcoming a new child into the family, some people update their kitchen. When renovating a kitchen, it is crucial to consider and implement any necessary child safety measures. Talking with the contractor about installing safety features like child locks on appliances and cabinet latches is great. If you opt for more extensive renovations, consider temporarily moving while everything is finished. Professional movers say that it's best to plan things ahead when moving while pregnant. So, make sure to consider that as well.  

8# Take care of appliances 

It's not good to give into the nesting urge before giving birth. However, you should not take care of the old appliances until after the baby's birth. Babies produce a lot of poop and pee, so they must change their clothes frequently. It's also tiring to be hand-washing baby bottles constantly. Having the washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher break down when new parents are sleep-deprived could cause panic. 


home improvements to make before the baby arrives

Don’t let the washing machine give you a headache – fix it before the baby arrives. 

Try these out and enjoy the arrival of your little one 

It may seem too much to tackle these 8 home improvements before the baby arrives, but we promise it will be worth it. Once you take care of all these things, you'll have peace of mind and feel more prepared for what comes next. Of course, we'll continue to be your source of valuable information in these chaotic times. You're always welcome on our blogs - before and after birth the same way.


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