7 kidfluencers you should be following on social media!

7 kidfluencers you should be following on social media!

Influencers: you hate them or you love them. Nothing, but then nothing in between. On the one hand, you have the camp that likes every picture of an influencer, scrolls all too enthusiastically through their profiles, and in the meantime add a lot of pictures to their save-folders (never lose your inspo again!) on Instagram. But of course, there are also those of us who find the smiles of influencers on photos too fake, are horribly irritated by all the free stuff they receive (because why not me?), and the fact that they con-ti-nually throw their lives online. #PicturePerfect.

But did you know that the influencer trend has reached younger generations? Above all, don't fall off your chair when the word "kidfluencer" is mentioned. Yes, people trying to influence others but in a mini version. Before you worry about child labor, these accounts are usually managed by the parents of these minis. Whatever your opinion of adult influencers, you can't resist these kid influencers anyway! Because: adorableness level 100!

  1. Ryan Kaji

On your tenth birthday earn 220 million euros? For most of us (let's say "all"), this will remain only a very beautiful but distant dream. But for Texan Ryan Kaji, this is as realistic as it gets. Ryan has become known on YouTube for uploading unboxing videos of toys, in which he certainly doesn't leave out his critical eye either. His hugely popular YouTube channel Ryan's Toy Review has now evolved into Ryan's World, consisting of no less than nine YouTube channels. Oh yes, he also has his own show on Nickelodeon Jr. If the daily unboxing of clothing or makeup could bring us that much....

  1. Nastya

As if the 220 million euros weren't enough already, Russian kid-fluencer Anastasia Radzinskaya, also known as Nastya, is making even more money with her YouTube channel and as a result, may call herself the highest paid kid-fluencer on YouTube. Anastasia's YouTube channel was set up during a difficult time in her life when doctors warned her parents that Anastasia might never be able to speak. This diagnosis proved false, and Nastya's life now looks a lot brighter. Nastya now earns tons of money by uploading videos about important life lessons for minis (too cute), activities she does with her father or friends, or her songs. It all seems so easy!

  1. Quenisha Qiana

Yes, even in our own little country the kidfluencers are shooting up like a cabbage. Quenisha Qiana has 298K loyal followers on Instagram, has many photos shoots for various brands to her name, and inspires her followers with the coolest outfits. From an off-shoulder dress to jeans with the hottest Nike Dunks, she's got it all. Shopping for your mini-me with a discount code? You will see them regularly on Quenisha's account!

  1. Ava and Alexis McClure

Ava and Alexis McClure, also known as the McClure twins, are huge YouTube celebrities in America. It all started with the video Twins Realize They Look the Same which quickly went viral, and with that their popularity was born. Good Morning America show? Being a model at New York Fashion Week? Shoots for Nike and Converse? Are also on their list of been there, done that. I can already hear your mind racing, looking for an idea for an original video for your mini-me that will hopefully go viral too. So there you have it.

  1. Gabrielle and Alex Vilumsone

Gabrielle and Alex, also known as Gaby and Alex, hold the title of youngest British influencers. This duo owes their popularity to videos on YouTube in which they unwrap toys and play with them. Vlogs featuring their family are also doing extremely well. Yes, those unboxing videos seem to be a big success factor. So go ahead, increase your success rate with unboxing videos!


  1. Taytum and Oakley Fisher

You probably already guessed it, but being twins always does the trick. People love that. But that's unfortunately out of your control (but that unboxing factor is!). Such is the case for twin sisters Taytum and Oakley Fisher. Amounts like $25,000 for a single YouTube video? Perfectly normal for these mini fashionistas. Fair is fair, but popularity also runs in the family a bit. Parents Madison and Kyler both act. This has also given the young girls a role in the series Days of Our Lives. Maybe take an acting class after all?

  1. Stella and Blaise

Who takes the crown when it comes to a great style? That would be kidfluencers Stella and Blaise. The cool Californian style (think oversized sweaters, printed pants, and fat Nikes) of this brother and sister surpasses everything. Add to this their big bunch of blonde locks and adorable faces. And voilà, you're sold.


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