15x romantic dates with a baby bump

15x romantic dates with a baby bump

Yes, you are pregnant! That's great news and it probably demands all your attention. Fatigue is also an issue during pregnancy. As a result, you may have less attention and time for your lover. In a while, the family will expand, which means that you will have your hands full (literally, for example with diapers) and that sleepless nights will be more routine than the exception. Therefore, it is valuable to use the moments that you still have together before the little miracle arrives for quality time as a couple. 

Does it feel like ages ago and you have no idea what a romantic date with a baby bump should look like? With these 15 date ideas, it will feel like you're newly in love again (if you discount the baby bump for a moment). Let's get back to the old days for a romantic date!

  1. Romantic picknick

Who says no to a romantic picnic in the park or by a lake? Non-alcoholic wine, fresh snacks, cozy candles, happy music... and of course your partner there! End the date with a romantic walk at sunset.

  1. Ultimate relaxation with massage

Are you both in need of an afternoon of relaxation? Then there is no better idea for a date than a massage. Besides the mental aspect, you are also physically involved in the pregnancy, but that doesn't mean it isn't exciting for your partner. A massage is an ideal way to recover from all the pregnancy-related madness and unwind completely. Tip: some spas even offer a pregnancy massage.

  1. Catching a movie at home

A real classic, but it's still fun: catching a movie at home as a date. Do you opt for a modern adventure film, or do you go old school with an old-fashioned black-and-white film?

  1. The two chefs

POV: You and your partner both love delicious food and also love preparing food yourself. What could be more appropriate than to be the chefs together? And then, of course, to feast on the result. Don't forget the romantic touches, like this heart pasta ;)

  1. Cooking course

Besides an evening of cooking at home, a cooking course is also an excellent idea for a date. Choose an Italian cooking course, for example, or perhaps a French or Indian one. And then, of course, you can apply the things you've learned at home again!

  1. Weekend break

Do you want to spend the last moments before your little miracle arrives in the best possible way with your partner? Then opt for a longer date, such as a weekend away. And there are plenty of choices! A weekend admiring the charming streets of Maastricht, or relaxing in a cottage in the Veluwe? It's up to you!

  1. Making art

Are you two creative types together? Then plan an afternoon or evening of painting or drawing and inspire each other with ideas. Maybe the result is a beautiful painting or an original drawing for the baby's room!

  1. Beach day

Relaxing is also possible on the beach! Laze away the day, have lunch at a nice beach café and take a romantic walk on the beach at sunset. Tip: Be extra careful with exposure to the sun during your pregnancy! An umbrella, a hat, and sunscreen with SPF50 are essential items to have in your beach bag.


  1. Shop til you drop

Whether it's shopping for yourself, your lover or your baby: it remains a favo activity. Pick a cozy town or a nice mall and indulge in retail therapy. Plus: now that you have your partner with you, you don't have to carry all those heavy bags yourself! 

  1. Watching the stars

Does it get any more romantic than watching the stars together? If the weather permits of course. Look back on some beautiful moments in your relationship while watching the stars in your garden or perhaps in some other special place in nature. This shows that romance does not have to be expensive! 

  1. Go to the zoo

Are you both animal lovers? Prove your love for the animals (and each other, of course, by going together) and take a visit to the zoo. Of course, you can still admire the grizzly bears and the tigers once the baby is there, but trust us, that will be different (read: busier and more chaotic).

  1. Soak up the culture in a museum or at an exhibition.

Ready for a date that's a little richer culturally? Then visit a local museum or exhibition. Or just head out to a museum that's a bit further from home, and make a fun day of it.

  1. Game night

Don't feel like leaving the house for a romantic date? That's understandable during your pregnancy. Fortunately, an evening of playing old-fashioned board games in your pajamas à la maison can be just as much fun. Prepare some tapas snacks and your evening can't go wrong.

  1. Karaoke

Put your minds at rest and let your date be all about karaoke. You can go to a karaoke bar in town, but you can also do this at home with a karaoke set. You will probably make that choice by answering the following question: to what extent do you want to go out of your comfort zone?

  1. Sporty date

A sporty date can be great fun. And healthy too! Choose a sport that you can still safely do during your pregnancy. Think of swimming, walking or fitness. Kill two birds with one stone: a date and staying in motion.

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