This is how you cherish memories of babyhood forever!

This is how you cherish memories of babyhood forever!

Okay, time to get sweet. Because yes, your heart does melt when you think of your mini-me. About those soft locks of hair. About that first pair of stylish shoes. About those cute little teeth. The fact that you made this person probably also plays a part. Anyway, they are all valuable memories, and you can't imagine that there will ever be a moment in your life when they are less valuable. Of course, you remember all the milestones in that head of yours, but it is also nice to keep these memories in another way, like in a memory box. You know, for those moments when your memory might not be so good, and you have a bunch of gray hairs on your head ;) Looking for a lasting way to store your baby's milestones? Then look no further, but simply scroll down!

  1. Little Dutch memory box

The first lock of hair, the ultrasound pictures, the first pair of shoes, and the favorite pacifier: you save it all (and much more) in this memory box of Little Dutch. No, no more searching your home because you can't remember in which junk drawer you put that one milestone. You keep all the memories in one place: in this box. Saves you a lot of headaches, believe us.


  1. Wooden tooth box

You can't just throw away those cute baby teeth, right? Perhaps hubby was in favor of saving just one baby tooth (because: "honey, we already keep so much, and it gets messy"). But with this tooth box, you'll get what you want: more than enough space for lots of baby teeth!

€5,95 - €6,95

  1. The ink set prints hand-foot

What do we have a soft spot for? For the hands and feet of babies. And let that be something that can also be captured. All you need is this ink set from Prénatal. Don't worry: it's safe to make this memory as the ink does not come into direct contact with your baby's skin.


  1. Hairlock boxwood

Is a complete memory box a bit too much for you, but would you still like to keep that first lock of hair? Then this wooden hair lock box is a nice way to hold on to this memory. Also a nice form of decoration for that one shelf in the nursery. Or, if you secretly want it closer to you: on your bedside table.


  1. Book "My First Year."

Do you prefer to cherish memories through words? With this baby book, you can make it as sweet as you want. Write down every month what your baby can already do, which special moments have taken place, and what your baby likes doing most - pulling the tail of the neighborhood cat, for example. The great thing is that family members and friends can also fill in a piece in this book, and thus write down what their wishes for your mini are.


  1. Fingerprint necklace

Are the tears already coming up when you think about the moment when your mini will go to daycare and you can no longer enjoy mommy-baby quality time 24/7? That's not crazy at all. By wearing a necklace with your baby's fingerprint, you are never really separated from each other.


  1. Patchwork of clothes

Stacks of old baby clothes that are actually in the way and take up too much storage space, but that you don't want to part with just yet? Let your inner creabea come to the surface and transform those clothes into a colorful patchwork quilt. Want to bet that it will come in handy one day? To construct a tent in the room during those dress-up parties, or as a blanket to organize that cozy picnic in the garden. And then you can show off your own creation ;)

  1. Milestone blanket

Whenever you get the chance to keep track of your little one's growth, you grab it. And let this milestone blanket come in handy for that. Take a picture of your baby every week (or daily, we understand), and voilà, later you can clearly see the growth in the pictures! Yes, this will be one of those "my little one is growing up too fast" moments. Tip: save these beautiful memories in a photo book. Great for later!

€23,95 €21,50

  1. Wooden card holder for the birth announcement

A piece of paper that you will undoubtedly never want to throw away? Then we're talking about your little one's birth announcement card. This little wooden card holder is a great way to display it. To make it even more beautiful, you can have your child's name and a personal quote lasered into the wood. Give it a prominent place in the baby's room (because the birth announcement deserves it) and that's it!

starting from €21,54


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