The most beautiful pregnancy shoes: block and wedge heels!

The most beautiful pregnancy shoes: block and wedge heels!

Shoes during pregnancy

I don't need to tell anyone that comfortable shoes during pregnancy are a must. And there is no such thing as 'too comfortable'. After all, as a pregnant woman, you know better than anyone how annoying it is when you are bothered by swollen feet, ankles, and legs. If you can make it easy on yourself in certain areas during pregnancy, you should just do that (it should even be mandatory by the mommies’ committee). And that goes for shoes, too. A golden tip when shopping for shoes during pregnancy is to buy them half a size bigger. This will give your feet just that little bit of extra space that they need during pregnancy. At certain times of the day, it can be a little too roomy? Then an insole is a solution!

Heeled shoes during pregnancy

Speaking of shoes with a heel, they are not the most comfortable shoes to wear with a growing baby bump. Add to this the fact that the muscles in your lower legs, feet, and ankles are getting weaker due to pregnancy hormones, making wearing killer heels a challenge and sometimes even dangerous. For the heels-die-hards who still want to stroll on heels during their pregnancy à la Kim K, shoes with a wedge or a block heel are ideal. Choose & pick (and shop) your favorite from the top 10 maternity shoes!

Top 10 maternity shoes

One thing is for sure: it would be a shame to leave these shoes in the closet after your pregnancy. That's how beautiful they are. Period.

  1. Black Mexx Sandals Josephine

A black shoe with heels is an absolute must in your wardrobe. Because: fits with so much. The wide heel ensures that you can still wear this shoe comfortably during your pregnancy. And now on sale as well. We love!

Mexx - €79,95 €63,95 

  1. Multi Mexx Sandals Josephine

Lover of pastel shades? Then I have good news because the stylish Josephine sandals also exist in a beautiful pastel version. Perfect for the summer!

Mexx -  €79,95 €55,95

  1. Beige Via Vai Sandals Polly Shade

This is another one that will probably fit 9/10 outfits in your closet. Fashionable it sure is. And comfy too, because the suede straps offer your feet a lot of stability. Worth the investment!

Vai Vai - €139,95 

  1. H&M sandals with a mini heel

If any heel is pregnancy-friendly, it's this one. And wallet-friendly as well with this great price. Go get ‘em!

Sandaletten - €24,99 

  1. H&M suede platform sandals

A bright color is definitely allowed in the summer. Pair these red suede sandals with a white maxi dress or skirt (or even with a floral print) and you're ready for the summer days.

Suède plateausandaletten - €59,99 

  1. Tommy Hilfiger monogrammed platform sandal

Comfortable, yet feminine. That's this platform sandal. With this light gold color, you will undoubtedly shine this summer!

Platformsandaal met monogram - €89,90 

  1. Tommy Hilfiger leather sandal with low wedge heel

The combination of leather and jute makes this sandal an eye-catcher. And a low heel is something we embrace during pregnancy.

Leren sandaal met lage sleehak - €99,90 

  1. NA-KD block heels with straps

Off-white is always a good choice. Stylish with a dress or skirt, but also very cool with comfortable pants and a blouse. Take your pick!

Blokhakken met bandjes - €57,95 

  1. NA-KD basic crosshatched mules

Looking for a colored shoe? Then this mule in a pistachio green color is the perfect option. Colorful, but still neutral. And comfortable, thanks to the block heel.

Basic gekruiste muiltjes - €57,95 

  1. Zara sandals with a wide mid-height heel

A golden shoe, because you are golden ladies and worth gold! So treat yourself to these sublime eye-catchers.

Sandalen met bede halfhoge hak - €29,95


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