A collection of the best reviews about the Babywatcher!

The best and most beautiful reviews about the Babywatcher

We get so many nice comments from mums and dads who use the Babywatcher. Of course, we read all the reviews with a big smile on our faces. 😊 So nice that you guys enjoy watching your little one with the Babywatcher!

Absolutely loved the idea

"Absolutely loved the idea, It came promptly and was so simple to set up and use. It was fantastic being able to share the experience with all my family and daughter in the comfort of our home and for such a small price compared to a private ultrasound scan in the UK! I was 25 weeks whilst using the machine and saw my babies face, little hands and feet clear as day!" - Meggan

Such an amazing experience

"Such an amazing experience, would recommend highly, the service received was amazing and being able to see your baby at home was amazing, my other children loved it!" - R

It’s an amazing experience

"It's an amazing experience. its v easy to use. my wife and I were v happy and excited to use it. we had the chance to catch our baby moving and rotating and moving his mouth. the advantage is you have may chances to see your child. it's an advantage to going to the Dr. and just saying the baby for a minute or two during a check-up. it's not a high tech ultrasound device, and you are not an expert in doing the ultrasound, but you have time to try and discover and enjoy it." - Gomez

Amazing reassurance!

"We used the baby watcher at around 8-9 weeks pregnant, and it was so clear! Being able to have that bit of reassurance at home, when I don’t have an NHS scan until 14 weeks, was amazing. The set up was so easy, and everything you needed, was in the yellow box! It was very self explanatory when it came to using the scanner, but the WhatsApp service and guides on how to use it were very informative too." - Jessica 

I would recommend to any expecting mother!

"I would recommend to any expecting mother. It’s a great way to feel even closer to your unborn baby and you can see very clearly all the movements baby makes. Felt sad when I had to give it back! But was very happy that I used the babywatcher and even considering hiring again later on in my pregnancy! I am 25 weeks now, used between 20-24 weeks. You see the transformation between being able to see your baby fully on the screen to him becoming too big that you have to travel around your stomach to find the different parts. Fantastic experience 5 stars." - Amylee


"I won the baby watcher free for a day. It turned up on time, and was fairly easy to put together and use. The laptop froze a few times And deducted a few scans because of that - I contacted babywatcher and they added extra scans on so I didn’t miss out. Their support team are fantastic! Really easy to talk to and get hold of. Once I got the hang of using the babywatcher it was really simple, and we now have some beautiful scans of our little girl - including a video of her yawning! I would definitely reccomend using them - in fact I already have to friends. Thank you baby watcher for allowing me to review this for you - it was such a great experience and we loved having it!" - Jade

I loved this!

"I really enjoyed this experience overall and wish I could add some photos/videos to this review! We had a wobble to begin with as our laptops at home wouldn't run the software at a good speed (we found the images reloaded every 15 seconds which was a nightmare). I got in touch with Babywatcher (via Whatsapp) and they sent me one of their laptops which made everything work perfectly! Scan was very clear! Not hospital quality but we knew this anyway. Tips: - I recommend you upload as many videos as you can to the Babywatcher dashboard so you can watch them back when you send the stuff back. - If you're unhappy contact Babywatcher, they seem to have great customer service. - Add on the laptop - if you experience any lag the issue will probably be your device." - Kaf

An overall wonderful experience

"An overall wonderful experience. Very nice webshop with clear instructions. Received the babywatcher as was communicated via the track and trace, could not wait to get home and watch our baby. Plug and play and everything you need is incluided. Though at the moment of receiving the device i was 10 weeks pregnant and already had Some good ultrasounds at the hospital, at moments i would get very insecure about the pregnancy. As soon as i connected we could see a very clear view of an active baby with clear heartbeat. Never expected to get such reassuring and very clear view. Due to a previous missed abortion at 7,5 weeks after seeing a steady heartbeat, this was the perfect way to be calmed during the first trimester of this new pregnancy. Also, we enjoyed watching our baby in a calm private setting, with 10 minutes of just staring and having a moment. It was a very special experience." - Bianca

Really enjoyed the special moments

"Amazing customer service and really enjoyed the special moments with the baby watcher. All the info is there to help you get the best scan possible with a countdown of how many scans you have available to take too. I'd definitely recommend this company over and over again.." - Harriet

Absolutely bloody brilliant

"Absolutely bloody brilliant. Super easy to use, excellent picture quantity, easy returns and affordable. Have recommended to every I know that's pregnant." - Elizabeth

I absolutely loved the Babywatcher

"I absolutely loved the baby watcher I wish I could have had it longer. I was so nervous but it’s so relaxing and so easy to use. My little toddlers and my partner all got to share the wonderful experience with me and there was plenty scans for the duration that exceeded my expectation. I can’t rate this product high enough it’s ingenious." - Lisa


Your ultrasound at home

The Babywatcher contains everything you need to make your own pregnancy scans at home.

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