The 8 best free baby boxes and baby products!

The 8 best free baby boxes and baby products!

Whether you're still pregnant or already have a beautiful child on the way, when it comes to buying baby products it comes down to the same thing: you know you're going to need a lot of them or you already have large quantities of them. Diapers, wipes, rompers, bottles, pacifiers, baby food. And we could go on like this for a while. And that bank account...yes, of course, it keeps shrinking - just like all that available storage space you had before the little one arrived.

To give your bank account a break, a lot of stores and online shops have come up with an ingenious solution: free baby boxes and baby products! From packages with an array of baby essentials to boxes that include products for mom (secretly our favorite, and we bet yours too) to welcome gifts that consist of a single but wonderful product. Now the pressing question is of course at which stores and web shops you can get the best free boxes. And also not unimportant, what the content is! Therefore, we have selected the 8 best free baby products and boxes that you do not want to miss. Our advice: grab what you can get (for free)

  1. Etos Baby Welcome Pack

When you see the packaging of this welcome package you immediately understand why you want it: it's all packed in a cute Woezel and Pip bag. What else do you benefit from? Etos lotion wipes (hallelujah, you'll need a lot of those), Etos diapers, and an Etos 2-in-1 wash gel. You don't say no to that, do you? You can request this welcome package when you are still expecting your little one, or when you are already the proud mother of a baby (up to 8 weeks old).

  1. The Happy Box

A pregnancy box represented by your big friend Miffy? That's the happy box! They didn't give that name to this box for nothing, because believe us, the contents will make you happy right away: socks from Prénatal, a bottle from Philips Avent, a can of non-alcoholic beer from Bavaria, a Miffy bib, a pacifier from Difrax and much more! Exactly, all items you would probably have bought yourself. The contents may vary to add an element of surprise to the box. All the more fun, if you ask us! Are you 13 weeks pregnant? Then you can start receiving the happy box right now!


  1. PLUS Kiekeboebox

Is PLUS your regular supermarket and do you, therefore, receive their flyer? And are you the proud mother of a baby boy, who is not yet two months old? Then you have the right to the Kiekeboebox of PLUS! As curious as we are, we always want to know what to expect ;) In this case, you will be blessed with diapers, laundry detergent, baby snacks, and other food. This way you will definitely get through the maternity period!


  1. Zeeman free bodysuit

Those baby care products and baby snacks are all very nice, but at some point, they come out of your ears. Understandable. Zeeman's free maternity gift (which you can also get when you're still pregnant) is a nice change: a cute bodysuit! And it's made of organic cotton with stretch. Don't think, but do!


  1. Nutricia free cuddly blanket

Are little ones wedded to stuffed animals? When you think of the heaps and tons of stuffed animals you find in children's rooms, there is only one way to answer this question. After all, cuddles provide a sense of security, and that's just fine. Want to add another soft toy to the collection? When you subscribe to Nutricia's newsletter, you will receive a free cuddly blanket in the shape of a bunny. Say hello to your new friend!

  1. Kwebbels free book pack

Do you want to pass on your love of reading to your little one? Then you can't start early enough with reading aloud and leafing through books together. Fortunately, there is a way to do this without spending a single cent: request the free Kwebbels children's book pack, which consists of no less than four reading, learning, and activity books. The books you receive are geared to your child's age and gender. That's a really valuable baby box!en het geslacht van jouw kindje. Dat is pas echt een waardevolle babybox!

  1. Babydump baby box

Do you like surprises? Then you can have fun with the Babydump baby box, the contents of which are a complete surprise! You only know that you will receive baby stuff that is really useful. And also very important: no obligation to buy. When you fill in the request form on their website, you'll receive a gift voucher which you can use to pick up the baby box in one of their stores. Surprise (and pamper) yourself!


  1. Kaartje2Go free birth announcement proofs

Perfectionist or not, the birth announcement of your mini should be perfect. Down to the smallest detail. And the only way to find out if it meets all your requirements is to order proof. Add that to all the costs, you're probably thinking. Think again! At Kaartje2Go you can order the proof completely free of charge. So say goodbye to any details you would like to see differently on the birth card!



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