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Skiing with your pregnant belly

Have you planned a ski trip somewhere soon? Snowflakes, beautiful white mountains, après-skiing. Super nice! But it will be Radler 0,0 for you, because you’re pregnant. And isn’t skiing or boarding dangerous for the baby? It’s wonderful. Going downhill on those fast ski’s, and drinking large glasses of beer in the sun. For all the ski-lovers among us: it’s the ultimate holiday feeling. After a long day of skiing and enjoying the view, you walk straight into the bar to dance all evening long. “Hey, wir wollen die eisbären sehen”, is what everyone keeps singing. But you don’t want to see a polar bear (eisbären), you want to see your baby!

An alcohol-free ski trip

Since you know you´re pregnant, you don´t feel like drinking anymore. While sitting in the cold snow and feeling the heat of the sun burn on your skin, you - for the first time since your pregnancy - feel like having a beer again. It’s the atmosphere. Luckily you stay strong and order an Apfelschorle again. But that’s not necessary; it’s 2019! There are so many delicious alcohol-free beers, all equally tasty. And guess what? Your brain won’t notice any difference between beer with or without alcohol, because the taste of beer alone is enough to activate the rewarding system in the brain. Of course you’re not going to get drunk, but you will definitely gain great feelings by drinking alcohol-free beers. A little piece of advice: are you in a big group? Just to be sure, order your own beers, so you’ll know you have the right one!

12 weeks pregnant or more? No skiing for you!

Is skiing dangerous for your baby? Whether you can or can not get on your ski´s, we won´t tell you, cause we think you´ll have to trust your own feelings. It does depend on a few factors. How far pregnant are you for example? From 12 weeks it’s not recommended to enter the slopes. Your body is changing and the chances you lose balance become bigger. Also, from the 12th week, the baby is no longer hidden behind the public bone, so your uterus can get hit by a fall. Make sure to ask advice of your midwife what you can or can´t do. Is the holiday already booked and does she discourage you to get on your ski’s? The nature is beautiful and the food is great. You can also start working on your snowman building skills, which definitely will come in handy once your baby is a few years older. Anyways, enough to do in the mountains! Our favourite alcohol-free drinks on the slopes: ☼ Erdinger 0,0 ☼ Radler 0,0 ☼ Heineken 0,0 ☼ Skiwasser ☼ Apfelschorle ❉ heiße Schoko (hot chocolate)

Take it easy!

Are you an experienced skier or boarder? Then you probably know skiing can always be pretty dangerous, because you can’t control everything that happens. Even the best skiers in the world fall and get hurt. Possibly because of a less experienced skier who doesn’t control his skiing skills. Pregnant women are aware of the life in their tummy and often feel less secure getting down the slopes, even if they’re super experienced. Is this your first year of skiing? Then this might not be the best time to learn, cause learning always goes together with a lot of falling. Have you skied plenty in your life? Then take it slow and make sure to stay calm on the slopes. This year you don’t have to be the fastest.

Don’t go sky high

Are you standing on the top of the mountain? Let your body and baby get used to it. Take time to acclimatise and take it easy on your first day of skiing. Preferably don’t go to a ski area above 2150 meters. High up in the mountains the air contains less oxygen. You might breathe irregularly or become cramped. Have you just got out of a ski lift on a high point (+3000 meter)? Don’t stay up there too long, but go to a less high point. There your baby is totally safe, so you can stay and chill as long as you like. Pregnant Bridget Jones landed flat on her tummy. This could also happen to you if you don’t get out in time.

Create your own unforgettable moments. Share your happiness or make it intimate but whatever you do, indulge because sometimes pregnancy is all about you


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