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Little brother or sister coming... How to involve your child in your pregnancy?

We try involving Giulia-Mae as much as possible in the pregnancy by, for example, reading her books, taking her to check-ups, talking to her about it. Is this the right way? No idea, but it feels right to us.

A baby in mummy's tummy

Now that Giulia-Mae will have a little brother by Christmas, it is, of course, not only an exciting time for us but also for her. Big sister to be! People suddenly stroke Mummy's belly and Mummy drags everyone into the baby's room. The house fills up more and more with children's things that are not hers, and mama suddenly can't do all those crazy tricks together anymore—a confusing time for her. Of course, we have explained that there will be a baby, but how it feels for her? No idea!

"This is the way for Giulia-Mae to have a quiet look at all that is going on in mummy's growing tummy!"

Watching the baby at home

When Babywatcher approached me for a collaboration, I was immediately enthusiastic! Because this is the best way for Giulia-Mae to have a quiet look at everything that happens in her growing belly! And I didn't mind at all! I had previously looked at the website a few times and considered renting it for a few days, but they were ahead of me. Giulia-Mae is somewhat restless during the check-ups in the hospital (I don't have a midwife's practice). There is so much to see! A quiet look at the baby is not an option. Fortunately, she enjoyed it very much this way. And she was so proud when she saw the baby waving because, of course, he only waved at his big sister! What a difference from the restlessness she experienced in the hospital. The Babywatcher is very easy to rent via the website and easy to connect to a laptop; trust me. If I can do it, you can! So lovely to be able to do this at home!

The first experience with the Babywatcher

On Friday afternoon, I raced straight home because there it was waiting for us. The Babywatcher! Neatly packed in a suitcase. Giulia-Mae was still with grandma and grandpa, so Arjo and I could try it out together for the first time. After we had connected it, I had to log in via the program. Pregnancy brain at its best here, and I couldn't remember my login details. I got help through the chat on the Babywatcher website. Superfast and very pleasant. It only took a moment before I could log on. Once I logged in, the program was pretty self-explanatory, and we had our baby on screen quickly. It is still extraordinary to see this. It was also funny to see that the ultrasound confirmed the kicks I felt. When we picked Giulia-Mae up from her grandparents' house, we took her suitcase with us. An excellent opportunity for the family to see moving images for once instead of just ultrasound pictures.

Enjoying together with loved ones

In the following days, we let as many relatives as possible enjoy the ultrasound. It was exceptional to let my best friend - who emigrated to Curaçao - see her future nephew as well. She is on holiday in the Netherlands, and this will probably be the only time she will see me pregnant. It is lovely to involve her this way since we miss so many other moments together during this pregnancy. I think the Babywatcher is highly recommended for pregnant people to rent or give a present to a pregnant person. Personally, I am glad I did it at this time. The images are pretty sharp and easy to decipher, even for people who have never seen an ultrasound before. If I ever get pregnant again, I would rent it! This blog was written in cooperation with Babywatcher, but it was written entirely according to my truth - Chiara Karperien (2019)


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