Comment survivre à l'été en étant enceinte ?

How do I survive the summer being pregnant?

It's hot! Normally you're very happy about this, but now you're slightly worried. Being pregnant and carrying around that big belly, makes the summer days a bit less desirable. How do you survive the summer pregnant? We give you tips!

Before we give tips for surviving the summer pregnant, it might be useful to first explain what the heat does to your body. When it's warm outside, your body temperature actually wants to rise as well. To lose that extra heat, your body will sweat and your blood vessels in your skin will open up more as the blood flow increases. The evaporation of the sweat causes your body to cool down. All that sweating causes you to lose a lot of moisture. You will have to replenish this moisture (with enough water), if you don't want to dry out. Because blood partly consists of water and the water evaporates from your body when it is warm, the blood in your body decreases if you don't replenish enough fluid. Your heart will pump harder so that all organs get enough blood (and therefore oxygen and nutrients). Is there too little blood available for the organs, because the blood already goes to the blood vessels? Then you may suffer from dizziness, a light feeling in your head and headaches.

Does my baby feel the heat?

You know the feeling, the heat is devastating. At least that's how it feels sometimes. That can't be good for the baby, you think. But luckily the little one doesn't notice the summer heat, as long as you replenish your body with enough fluids. If you don't do this, your baby may be born with an abnormality, you are more likely to have a miscarriage and less blood will flow to your baby, causing him or her to take in less nutrients and develop less well. It can also cause premature birth or the production of too little amniotic fluid.

Stuck at home in this heat

We'll admit: being pregnant is not easy. Let alone that you have to get through the days in +25 °C. You're on maternity leave, you're at home all day and you have to spend the rest of the day in this warm house. Maybe now is the time to finally buy the air conditioning you've thinking about? And otherwise a fan, which is a bit more affordable, but which is very welcome as well! Keep all the windows, door and curtains in the house closed. Do you have shutters? Leave them down to keep all the heat out. You will survive these hot summer days being pregnant! Follow these tips and you'll be all right! Enjoy your pregnancy and this sunny weather! ☀

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Our tips against the heat

  • Drink, drink, drink
We already told you that it's necessary to replenish your fluid. About 1.5 to 2 liters of liquid per day is what we recommend. Getting tired of drinking water all the time? Throw in some cucumber, or raspberries, lime, mint, strawberries or you name it! Pamper yourself with an extra nice refreshing glass of water.
  • Relax!
The heat is the perfect reason for you to take it easy. An afternoon nap? They do that for a reason in countries with warmer climates! Stress? No way! Don't let it get to you!
  • The more water, the better
A cold washcloth, ice cubes in your drink, a cold foot bath, reading a book by the pool, a lovely dive in the sea... And a lot of water ice creams. Cool down and try to enjoy the warm weather, that works much better with water nearby. There is almost nothing better than a refreshing dip on a hot day. Or is there?
  • A cool house
No air conditioning? Then get a fan in the house for this pregnancy. This could help a lot when you're too hot. Leave all the shutters down, leave all the windows and doors closed and make sure that as little light as possible enters. Does it cool down at night? Throw the windows wide open and let the coolness flow in. Is your bedroom still too hot to fall asleep? A tepid shower before bedtime can help, just like a wet washcloth or towel in your neck or on your forehead.
  • Keep it light
Make sure you don't wear sweaty clothes, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Linen and cotton breathe, so it lets a lot of wind through. Or put on a lovely and nice loose dress, this will look super nice with that round belly of yours! You might also want to leave your black clothes in the closet, light colors are a lot cooler and look nice and summery.
  • Sun block to the rescue!
Look for shade to prevent the creation of a pregnancy mask. Do you like to be in the sun for a while? Make sure you apply a high factor sunscreen. In fact, make sure you always have a bottle in your bag so that you never go out without sun block.
  • Minimize the salt
Salt causes your body to hold extra moisture. You really don't want this, as you already lose enough moisture in the heat and during your pregnancy. So try to cook with less salt and avoid salty products. If you do eat a lot of salt, your hands and feet can swell. This can also happen because of the heat, so it might be wise to take off your rings in advance. By putting your legs up, you can draw the moisture out of your legs, feet and ankles. That feels good!
  • Buy a swimsuit
Your breasts have grown a lot, your belly is rounder than ever. It can make you feel uncomfortable in your swimwear. That's why we would advise you to go shop for a maternity bathing suit. Your belly will come out nicer and you will feel more comfortable at the pool or the beach. It is also a good reason to go to the swimming pool more often. Not only to chill out, but also to swim laps. Exercise is very good for you and your baby!
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