Diary of a preggo: Week 33

Diary of a preggo: Week 33

Dear Diary,

SOS - what to do in warm temperatures? My belly is growing rapidly, we can slowly see the birth at the end of the tunnel and the news item that a tropical summer is coming launched on my Facebook timeline. We have already tapped the 30+ degrees several times and a wind chill of 40 degrees is mentioned. Love it when you're on holiday and lying on the beach with a cocktail, but a little less when you're like a walking meatball that is slowly on the flop. Literally, because this week my belly button 'popped' half out.

I sympathize even more with my fellow pregnant women who are at home without air conditioning and have already started puffing to get through the heat. Because let's be honest: I don't retain moisture yet, I have an air conditioner at home that really cools me down and as long as I don't go outside for too long I feel pretty good under the heat. I try to avoid the thick ankles and so far it works well, but yes: week 33. Who knows what will happen next.

To capture the point that I am going through the pregnant life as a meatball without thick ankles at the moment, I had the photo shoot with my husband this week. I had myself completely put on the risers, beautiful make-up at Charlotte Tilbury in the Bijenkorf by the make-up artist who also did my make-up at my wedding. In a preggo-proof green dress and some borrowed items from a friend, we went to the moor to take pictures here. A challenge for my dear friend the photographer, because we are both very uncomfortable in photos and she sometimes even had to remind us to be in love, happy and closer to each other. No worries, there are certainly no relationship problems - just some awkwardness in front of the camera.

Immediately in the evening we received a lot of photos that I was so happy with. The sweetness is dripping from it, but I never wanted to miss this one. The Pinterest boards were filled and I wanted two types of photos; 'Family photos that are Facebook-proof' and 'spicier photos' in lingerie that you will not easily share with Aunt Jannie. Not in the 'partner holds boobs' way, by the way, but classy in front of a window against the light. You will see the Facebook-proof photos here ;-)

Then the weekly pelvic update of course, because this should not be missing during my pregnancy. After the photo shoot and the make-up session on a less comfortable chair, my pelvis was killing again and I could barely move. Super frustrating and irritating, just a week and a half before you go on leave and would like to work a few more hours. But there was nothing to do but to take it easy and just wait for my pelvis to recover a bit.

Of course I did this during a photo shoot with my 4 month old godchild, where we took all kinds of pictures for a birthday present for her father. It was great fun and very cute, but after that you were able to get me completely out of wrinkle ;-) But we'll go for it, because… only a few more weeks!


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