Diary of a preggo: Week 32

Diary of a preggo: Week 32

Sometimes I can hardly believe it myself. In 5 to 6 weeks we would see a little girl in the crib (if I gave birth at 37/38 weeks). The temperatures have been rising considerably in recent weeks and since we have now almost reached the 30 - or even 30 + - temperatures several times, I am increasingly hoping for a delivery that will not take too long. Of course you don't have a choice in it, so we'll just have to let ourselves be surprised.

The moment we thought would never come has arrived. Slight forms of nesting urges are visible and I hardly know what is happening to me. I could add pictures of what my wardrobe sometimes looks like to illustrate how chaotic and messy I normally am, but for your own good I'll leave that out. If you yourself are 32 weeks pregnant at the moment of reading, you could get some nice jitters. But okay; last saturday evening my mother and me completely emptied the dressing room and threw away more than five (!) garbage bags with clothes. While my husband went out with colleagues and enjoyed beer and music, I was creating order in the house. And believe me when I say that it is unique.

It has even come to the point that I have already selected the following projects at home to clean up, sort or even throw away. This is certainly not the intense urge to nest that pregnant women sometimes deal with, but for someone who hardly puts a plate in the dishwasher, it is already a lot.

The baby room also has another addition; a vintage lace canopy has been hanging above the bed since this week. In the coming weeks we will finish the room with some nice details, so that we can wait in peace for her arrival.

Also in the field of work I am slowly moving towards my leave. Where I used to work only a maximum of three hours a day, I increased that number considerably to get the last things done and to boost the baby budget just a little bit. In 2 weeks my leave will finally start in the 35th week and I can't wait for it. You are often already in the preparations for the birth and maternity period - and everything that still has to happen before that. So I can't tell you how the last weeks of my weekly diary will go. Maybe I'll just take some notes and then put them together; or maybe I'll keep you posted weekly. We'll see.

Also this week we had another growth ultrasound and an appointment with the midwife. She is still in a good position for the delivery and was even lying with her head against the edge of the pelvis, a sign that she is descending. My husband didn't think that was that exciting, because 'that was the intention'. But for me it was a huge deal; she is getting ready to slowly come out. Okay, it says nothing about the moment of delivery and how long it will take; but it's exciting nonetheless. During the next obstetric appointment we will discuss the delivery plan, maybe I will even discuss it in the diary.

I'll keep you posted ;-)


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