Diary of a preggo: week 17

Diary of a preggo: week 17

Dear diary,

Yes, the gender is known... *trump*. We are going to be the parents of a girl. Against all my expectations, because I was convinced it would be a boy. This made the surprise even bigger for us. We had communicated a dress code in advance. If you were team girl, you'd come in classic pink - and: team boy in blue. Out of 34 people, only 6 people came in pink, and 28 in blue.

Immediately, stories were being told about friends who had been given the wrong gender and how entire children's rooms had been made in the wrong colour. Are you sure the ultrasound technician saw it right? You see how convinced people can be of their own feelings. So, as checked by the midwife, we assume it's a girl! The dresses have even been bought extensively this week. 

Anyway, let's start at the beginning. I will try to give all the lovely tips & tricks :-) Initially, we wanted a smoke cannon, which would create a pink or blue colour. Unfortunately, this is no longer allowed in the Dutch legislation (something with the fireworks ban), so we had to look for another possibility. A powder cannon is most similar to a smoke cannon, but it has to be filled by the user for the best result. So this one was also discarded, which led us to the classic balloon filled with little - in our case, pink - helium balloons and confetti.

Diary of a preggo: week 17 - gender reveal cake

We also went for classic pink and blue decorations. Pink and blue balloons, lines of flags, tablecloths, cups, backdrops, napkins - we went for it. There was also a giant soft toy with three strings of helium balloons on its arm in pink and blue, and white BABY blocks filled with balloons. Bought at the local balloon shop and different shops online. Also, the cake was fabulous. Besides cake and cupcakes, we had strawberries with pink and blue chocolate.

After the news had subsided, the shopping could begin the next day. Cute dresses, tights, suits, glitter jerseys, and fantastic leopard shoes were bought. I feel I'll be going wild in the next few weeks, so I'll be giving you a shoplog next week with the cutest items and brands - as if I were a real 'momfluencer.'


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