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The best tips for decorating Easter eggs

DIY ideas for decorating easter eggs

Decorating easter eggs: the perfect activity for you and your kids this weekend! Stay indoors and get it on with your creative mind and hands. Get in the mood for Easter!

Cute girls eggs

Have you ever seen such cute, beautiful eggs? Almost a shame to eat, right?! It's also pretty simple to create. Well, if you are a bit creative...


Into the woods

How pretty! Perfect to dress up your table with the Easter days.


Simple, but stylish

So simple, but so stylish. Choose special words and write them down. Tip: it's also fun to write your names on the eggs.



With these cute unicorns you most definitely will score points. Surely all children will love them (and so do we!).


All natural

Stay in touch with the nature by creating these pretty eggs. Not even that difficult to make.


Kitties, rabbits, cupcakes

A little bit of everything. Draw whatever comes to your mind.


Ice, Ice Baby!

A guaranteed success for the kids. Make sure you also buy regular ice cream to temper their ice desire.



Pretty and simple! Draw flowers, and also pick some flowers from the garden. Decorate the dining table cheerfully and spring-like for Easter.



Are you a drawing talent? No, then take a look online for some examples. That makes drawing a lot easier!


Happy easter!

Such cheerful eggs! Let your hands do the work and make something beautiful out of it!


Little sheep

A real (egg)work of art! Your child will love it when this sheep is waiting for him or her!

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They're pretty, aren't they, these animals? Okay, and the carrot. But even that one is so cute.



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