Birth announcement cards paradise: 6x the cutest themes!

Birth announcement cards paradise: 6x the cutest themes!

The birth cards!

The first impression is always enormously important. And that goes for le bébé too, of course! How do you do that? Based on a beautiful birth announcement card of course! Maybe you are a creabea and you prefer to design the birth card yourself. Of course, it is also fine to leave this job to someone else. Either way, everyone has their own taste and you want your baby's birth announcement to reflect this. Are you already bubbling over with ideas, or are you in need of a good dose of inspiration? In the latter case (and perhaps also in the former case, to let you explore the wonderful world of birth announcement cards again!): we come to the rescue with the cutest themes for a birth announcement card. And the cutest materials and shapes!

Birth announcement tips

Before we dive into full inspiration for the most adorable birth announcement cards, it's a good idea to read through the tips below. You know, to avoid as much stress and worry around the perfect birth announcement card as possible.

  • Start on time. Start orienting yourself for the birth announcement card around the beginning of your third trimester. Maybe you're the kind of person who knows right away who wants them, or maybe you're the kind of person who changes your mind 100 times. By starting to design the birth announcement card in time, you can avoid selection stress towards the end of your pregnancy.
  • Proofing. Many online shops offer the opportunity to receive proof of your fave birth announcement card to avoid any unpleasant surprises. This way, you can have peace of mind that the birth card will fully meet all your desires once the time comes to order the birth cards.
  • Envelopes. Doing as much prep work as possible so that you can have plenty of quality time with your mini-me after the birth? Then order the envelopes for the birth announcement card in advance. That way you can tick it off your list. Oh yes, order more envelopes than you need. It's better to have too many than too few in case something goes wrong.
  • Birth weight. A baby weighing over 3000 kg. You're probably thinking: this mistake would never happen to me. Still, before ordering the birth announcement card, check that you have listed the weight in grams!
  • Date of birth. When designing the birth card during pregnancy, the due date is often added as a temporary date, to see how everything will look in its entirety. Again, this may surprise you, but it has happened to many a parent that they forgot to adjust this temporary date when finalizing the birth card. Yes, blame that pink (or blue) cloud!
  • Don't make it too complex. Maybe the birth of your little miracle will trigger the poet in you. Keep in mind that everyone should understand the text on the birth announcement card. So: keep it simple (but sweet)!
  • Name, phone number, and address unknown. Because of the baby bubble, some parents also sometimes forget to include their own names on the birth announcement card. As a result, the recipients have to guess which acquaintances have become parents (read: "which family would this baby name fit with?"). Yet another tip to avoid being disappointed by all the rest: don't forget to include your phone number (and address, if applicable) on the birth announcement card.

The cutest themes for the birth announcement card!

  1. Flowers

1. Birth announcement girl flowers Manouk 2. Birth announcement card for girl with flowers in pink and orange 3. Birth announcement card with sunflower field and baby and gold foil 

  1. Animal kingdom

1. Birth card elephants 2. Birth announcement daughter whale 3. Birth announcement boy original shape elephant blue 4. Adventurous jungle birth chart 

  1. Minimalistic

1. Trendy birth announcement with moon and star 2. Simple baby card with gold foil and heart 3. Minimalist birth announcement  

  1. Say it with wood

1. Birth card wood second child with big brother 2.  Real wood birth announcement with initials and monkeys 3. Real wood birth announcement for daughter with stylish flowers 4. Lovely birth announcement on real wood with silhouette of girl on swing 

  1. Nijntje

1. Birthcard girl miffy 2. Birthcard boy miffy elephant 3. Birthcard unisex miffy 

  1. Rainbow baby

1. Birth announcement girl pink rainbow 2. Sweet copper foil birth announcement girl rainbow 3. Birth announcement card gold foil with silhouette girl and watercolour rainbow 4. Cool birth announcement for son with rainbow


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