8x the most common pregnancy cravings!

8x the most common pregnancy cravings!

Almost every pregnant woman knows it

food cravings (and good for you if you don't suffer from them!). Sudden cravings for specific snacks or drinks or the craziest combinations of foods. They can be both healthy and unhealthy. Characteristically, you want (read: need) to satisfy these food cravings immediately. After all, not giving in to these food cravings directly can lead to significant irritation, which in turn can affect those around you. Yes, admit it. Then you end up in a similar mood as a 'hangry' mood. So the solution seems to be to add your most common food cravings to the shopping list as a standard. That way, you can avoid nagging later on.

But what causes these food cravings? Scientists cannot yet say for sure. It is thought that there is a connection between pregnancy hormones and food cravings. Just as most women can confirm that they have food cravings, they can also ensure their hormones go through a considerable transformation. Just ask your hubby. This could be linked, especially in the first trimester. Indeed, pregnancy hormones cause extra emotions, which in turn cause you to crave your favourite snacks. It is also true that your sense of smell and taste is enhanced during pregnancy. This could also be the reason behind your food cravings. It's the same as being unable to tolerate certain smells (yuck, get that coffee away from my nose).

Eating healthily is obviously very important during your pregnancy. However, this does not mean that you should never give in to your food cravings. Which cravings should you avoid, which ones should you give in to, and to what extent? Find out below the most common food cravings among pregnant women! And tell me... which of the following food cravings are also familiar to you?


  1. Pickles

I think any woman who has been pregnant can attest that she has craved pickles at least once during her pregnancy. As more blood is pumped through your body during pregnancy, your body demands more sodium. Don't eat too many pickles as nausea may set in. And you'll have plenty of that during pregnancy.

  1. Chocolate

In addition to acidic foods, many pregnant women also crave sweets, such as chocolate. Good news: Canadian research has shown that eating chocolate during pregnancy is not so bad. Cacao contains flavonoids, a kind of antioxidant, and these flavonoids are good for blood circulation in the placenta. Of course, the rule still holds: eat in moderation.

  1. Peanut butter

Craving for peanut butter? No problem, there are plenty of tasty recipes with peanut butter. But beware: peanut butter cravings could indicate that you need to replenish your protein and vitamin B levels.

  1. Fried snacks

Fish and chips, perhaps chicken nuggets, or actually anything else you can fry: you can't get enough of it. Even in the morning, you crave them. Even while the rest of the household doesn't want to smell chips early in the morning. Craving chips could mean craving healthy fats. An alternative solution: coconut oil or fish oil. 

  1. Dairy

Liters of milk and slices of cheese. Yep, the craving for dairy can undoubtedly be enormous for some pregnant women. This food craving may indicate that the body needs calcium, which is also abundant in certain vegetables (broccoli and spinach, for example).

  1. Fruit

Especially apples. And then Granny Smith apples. This is a healthier craving that you can indulge more often than other food cravings. But be careful with the quantity. Fruit contains sugars, and you can't have too much of that either. The cause of fruit cravings may be a need for vitamin C.

  1. Eggs

Fried egg, poached egg, hard-boiled egg. It does not matter to you. You just feel like eating eggs. However, it is most sensible to only give in to your cravings for a hard-boiled egg because of the slightest risk of the salmonella bacterium when the egg yolk is still liquid.

  1. Ice cubes

Nibbling on ice cubes. Be beware ice cubes lovers because this craving could indicate an iron deficiency or a vitamin B deficiency. Some like it for its cooling effect, others like the crunch when you eat ice cubes. Either way, you are sure to stay hydrated.


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