Diary of a preggo: week 22

Diary of a preggo: week 22

Dear Diary,

It is becoming more and more difficult to write this weekly diary as I feel I am starting to repeat myself. My pelvic pain is and remains a struggle, which does not get any less by the week. It characterises my weeks and I am also less active and experience fewer exciting things. So I have started the search to find a good sport that is appropriate for this stage of the pregnancy - because I can use that.

After all, the second trimester also consists of a lot of eating. Anything with sugar in it seems to be my bestie at the moment and I can't resist. It's like a toxic relationship: you know it's better for you to look for something healthy, something that builds you up positively and something that isn't so dangerously delicious that you don't want to quit. Yet you can't stay off it and it tempts you again and again. And so I end up on the couch every night with smarties or chocolate chip cookies in combination with Lipton Ice Tea.

I have even built a routine around my unhealthy eating pattern. I start the day slowly and after showering I go downstairs to get an iced coffee. While I'm getting ready, I put on a nice YouTube video from a momfluencer and drink my Starbucks Caramel iced coffee in peace. It's funny, because I find normal coffee disgusting at the moment - but I must have this ice coffee. Can't explain, blame it on the pregnancy.

Due to my pelvic pain, the days are getting a little less active and the exercise is unfortunately decreasing. After walking around, it gets harder and the complaints start to increase. I try to get into it anyway, as it is healthy and good to keep going for as long as possible. Apart from the fact that it is physically strenuous, it is certainly not good for the kilos that are already flying off.
Don't get the wrong idea, I'm really not trying so hard not to gain weight and I'm certainly not lying awake worrying about it. After the pregnancy, I will calmly start exercising again and slowly get back to my old weight. It is especially important to me that I try to stay fit for my pelvis and eventually my delivery.

So it was high time to look for a sport that suited me, my pelvic pain and my pregnancy. Yoga was the first thing that everyone recommended, but personally it was never a hit with me. I'm not at all in a spiritual mood and therefore often find it hard to get any satisfaction out of it. I can totally imagine that it is very nice for many pregnant women, but I also want to get something out of the exercise conditionally.

Even pregnancy fitness did not pass the examination. Just from sitting on a bike saddle, I can't move for several days and I am nervous that I won't be able to keep up with the group. As already mentioned, a 15-minute walk is already becoming a strain on my pelvis.

That is how I came to pregnancy swimming. It can relieve pelvic pain, you work on your condition and muscle strength and you feel relaxed. So I decided to give it a try. First, I have to find swimwear that fits me and in which I do not look like a rolled-up hotdog.
I will keep you posted on my future swimming adventures!

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