13 irritating comments you'll hear as a pregnant woman

13 irritating comments you'll hear as a pregnant woman

Every pregnant woman will agree that her pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods of her life. Maybe even the most beautiful. But most will also not be able to deny that pregnancy can also be a bumpy road. Yes, literally and figuratively! You may be plagued by pregnancy ailments that you can miss like a toothache, your emotions may sometimes take a turn for the worse, and ... those unsolicited irritating comments about your pregnancy. It's all part of the game, some might say. But sometimes you get a little fed up with unsolicited and inappropriate comments about your pregnancy. So, which comment makes you want to get your nails in a bunch?

  1. Wow, what a belly. Are you really not expecting twins? 

Yes, I know it for sure. I have had so many ultrasounds that there is no doubt that there is only one. And that belly, that's my pride!

  1. Do you have to pee again? 

I would have preferred it otherwise, and yes, I agree with you that there are many more fun activities than having to rush to the toilet so often to empty my bladder. However, it would be a lot less annoying if you didn't comment on it all the time, Mrs. bothering-everything!

  1. Gosh, you're so far into your pregnancy, but you still can't see you're pregnant! 

Um...do I have to thank you now? As you probably noticed, every woman is different, and so is every pregnant woman. Trust me, I am not faking this pregnancy.

  1. You're not disabled, just pregnant. 

We all know that your productivity level goes down a bit when you're pregnant. And also that you can get tired faster than normal. And yes, also that you have to be extra careful with straining your pregnant body. So don't worry about the comments you get when you skip an appointment, finish a task later than usual, or ask someone for help to lift or carry things. It's better to be careful and get annoying comments than to go over your limits and regret it later on!

  1. Have you decided yet whether you want another child after this?

For your information: having a baby is not the same as taking a pet. So first we will go through this pregnancy in peace. Then we will become parents of this beautiful miracle. And then we will see how big our wish for a child is.

  1. You're not seriously considering artificial nutrition as an option, are you?

Yes, artificial feeding is also one of the options I will carefully consider. I will make a list of the pros and cons of breastfeeding and artificial feeding. Maybe that will reassure you. But either way: my body, my child, my choice. And none of your business!

  1. Are you allowed to eat that?

No, actually not, but I was so hungry for it that I decided to eat it anyway. Thanks for your concern!

  1. You're inevitably going to have a girl!

Yeah sure, because I'm so girly myself and I love shopping and pink and princesses. And of course, that affects the gender of our baby.

  1. Be sure to eat right, though, because you're eating for two now!

I don't know what it takes to disprove this myth, because it keeps coming back. No, during my pregnancy I am not eating for two, but I am eating healthy for two. Thank you for your understanding and unsolicited meddling.

  1. Can I touch your belly for a second? 

Too late. They already have their hands on it. So what's the point of asking my permission? And for the record, I had forcibly said "yes. Because I want to remain polite. Something you're not worried about since you're not waiting for my permission...

  1. You can't buy stuff for your baby if you don't know the gender, can you?

What world do you live in? A world where there is only blue and pink? Then I have great news for you, because there are many other neutral colors. Just take a look in a baby store, and a new world will open up for you.

  1. Enjoy the fun stuff for now, because you won't be able to do that once the baby arrives.

Oh yes, because having a baby is nothing fun of course. And in this modern world, there is nothing like grandmothers and grandfathers who want to look after you, or a babysitter. Just a shame, isn't it?

  1. Wow, your boobs have gotten huge!

Thank you for reminding me that my body has grown. I really needed to hear that again!


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