The best and most beautiful comments about the Babywatcher

We get so many great responses from moms and dads using the Babywatcher. We always read them with a big smile on our faces! We already have an 8.2 average on Trustpilot. So great that you enjoy watching your little one with the Babywatcher!

A fantastic and fun way to keep my Partner and family updated!

I needed a way to show my partner our baby’s progress as he works abroad and the hospital didn’t allow me to video at my two visits so having the babywatcher was very useful and a fun experience for my closest family. I was able to include the expectant grandparents in some of the scan sessions. I also have an anterior placenta so could not feel the kicks or movement from the baby before 28 weeks and would often worry. I would use the babyscanner to observe and watch my baby move and open her mouth and see her heart beating. Such a lovely moment to share with my partner as I was able to record the video and the pictures and send it to him by video chat. It has definitely made me less anxious as this is my first child and I did not know what I should be feeling inside. A fetal heart Doppler would not have been the same and I’m so glad I rented the babywatcher and this service was available to me in the UK. I initially rented it for 21 days but enjoyed watching her that I kept extending it. Great service and customer support. Thank you Babywatcher for helping me keep my partner involved and allaying abit of my anxiety.

Absolutely loved the idea

Absolutely loved the idea, It came promptly and was so simple to set up and use. It was fantastic being able to share the experience with all my family and daughter in the comfort of our home and for such a small price compared to a private ultrasound scan in the UK! I was 25 weeks whilst using the machine and saw my babies face, little hands and feet clear as day! – Meggan Tile

it’s an amazing experience

it’s an amazing experience. its v easy to use. my wife and I were v happy and excited to use it. we had the chance to catch our baby moving and rotating and moving his mouth. the advantage is you have may chances to see your child. it’s an advantage to going to the Dr. and just saying the baby for a minute or two during a check up. it’s not a high tech ultrasound device, and you are not an expert in doing the ultrasound, but you have time to try and discover and enjoy it. – Gomez