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When is the best time to use the Babywatcher?

We recommend using the Babywatcher between week 10 and 34 of pregnancy. Experience shows that it is during this period that the most beautiful photos and videos are taken. More than 90% of the users also rent between this period.

How does the Babywatcher work exactly?

The Babywatcher is very easy to use.

1) Connect to the internet and log in to our software.

2) Connect the cables. Make sure the Babywatcher is connected to the laptop and don’t forget to plug it in. A green light will light up.

3) Apply scangel to your belly and the fun can begin.

Watch our installation or instruction video to see how to make the Babywatcher ready for use and how to make an ultrasound yourself.

What will I see with the Babywatcher?

The Babywatcher is meant for 2D black and white ultrasounds. What you see exactly depends on your BMI and how far pregnant you are. For example: less than 20 weeks pregnant? Then you’ll be able to see your baby in its entirety. The further pregnant you are, the more difficult it becomes. You are now specifically looking for an arm, leg, spine, beating heart and so on. Watch this ultrasound video to see what you can expect.

Can I see the sex?

You can find the sex of the baby if you go looking for it and know what to look for. Would you rather not know? No worries, you won’t just stumble upon it. The level of detail in the picture isn’t as high as a medical device. It is a fun game to play during a gender reveal party though.

What does a Babywatcher ultrasound look like?

In this video you´ll get an idea of what you’re going to see. Please note that the resolution of a Babywatcher ultrasound is lower than at the midwife.

Are there tips for making ultrasounds?

In the Babywatcher software you’ll find tips for making your own ultrasounds. For example, make sure you lie down in a relaxed position, use sufficient scangel and place the probe at the right height. You can also watch our instruction video before you start your ultrasound, so you know exactly how to get the best images.

What can I do when I don’t have clear images?

Have you already seen our instruction video with tips?

If you have a higher BMI or an unfavourable placenta, it can be more difficult to get a clear image. It is also possible that your baby isn’t in the mood to be watched. Try coughing gently or try again later.

Still no success? Make sure to contact us during your rental period so we can have a look with you.

How do I connect the Babywatcher?

Connecting the Babywatcher is easy. Watch the installation video in which we explain step by step how to prepare it for use.

How do I save images?

A cute image? Save it quickly! Pause the ultrasound and, at the bottom of the bar, select the ‘save’ option. As soon as you save the image, it automatically takes a picture and a video of the 30 seconds before.

I have an issue with the software

Do you receive an error message or malfunction while using the software? First of all, make sure that you do not click too often. When it is loading, the software needs some time and can get stuck by extra clicks. Do you see a malfunction while making an ultrasound? Check all connections carefully. A loose contact in the Babywatcher’s charging cable or the USB cable can cause a malfunction. If this doesn’t work, please send us a photo! We will be happy to help you. Of course we will compensate you for any lost scans!

In which languages the software available?

The Babywatcher software is available in Dutch, English, German, French and Italian. You can choose the language in the software start screen.

How do I upload the images?

All images and videos you save are stored in ‘My Ultrasounds’. You can download the images or videos to your own external hard drive or upload them to the cloud. The cloud is also accessible from mobile and makes sharing the images easier.

1. Go to ‘My Ultrasounds’
2. Select the images you’d like to upload
3. Use the floppy icon to save on your hard drive or the cloud icon to upload to the cloud.

How do I get the images from the cloud to my mobile?

Our cloud is easily accessible via your personal login on our website. Once logged in, you can acces all the videos and images from your personal account.

Step 1. Upload the image and/or video to the cloud

Step 2. Navigate to on your mobile phone

Step 3. Select the images you would like to download and click the ‘download’ button

Please note: with the Iphone you can only download one image at a time.

How can I cancel my order?

It’s possible to cancel an order up to 7 days before the start of the rental period. You can cancel the order in your personal Babywatcher account. The paid rental amount minus €15,- administration costs will be refunded.

Where can I find information about my delivery and return?

You will receive a Track & Trace code by mail. This will be sent the evening before you receive your rental.

We deliver by UPS Express. This means that you can expect the package in the morning. If you receive the Babywatcher later, please let us know so that we can compensate you.

How long does a rental period last?

In the calendar you can choose your own rental period. You return the Babywatcher the day after the rental period has ended. This is to ensure that you can enjoy the Babywatcher to the fullest, even on the last day of your rental period.

How can I extend my order?

Easily extend your order by adding 3, 5 or 12 days in the Babywatcher software. Prefer calling of mailing us? No problem! Would you like to extend your order for another period? Please contact us before the end of your rental period. We will arrange the rest for you.

When and where can I expect the Babywatcher?

The Babywatcher will be sent one day before the start of your rental period. You will receive a Track and Trace code to track your package. Any questions about your Track and Trace? Feel free to contact UPS: 020 50 40 500. Keep your Track & Trace code at hand. In rare situations it happens that the Babywatcher is a day late. Don’t worry, we will only start the rental period once the Babywatcher has been delivered.

Is the Babywatcher cleaned when I receive it?

Every Babywatcher (including suitcase, laptop & cables) is fully inspected and carefully disinfected before dispatch. We pack the Babywatcher in a new, closed, cardboard box, containing the case with all accessories and a new tube of scangel. This means the Babywatcher will only be delivered clean and tested.

How do I return the Babywatcher?

In the yellow suitcase you’ll find a returning label which you can stick on the Babywatcher box. You can return the box at any UPS parcel point.

What if I have lost/haven’t received my returning label?

Have you lost or haven’t you received the attached returning label? Don’t worry, we’ll just send you a new one! Please contact us for this.

If I return the Babywatcher without a return label, will I get my money back?

No. You will receive a return label with your order. This allows you to return the Babywatcher free of charge. If you have lost the label, email or call us and we will send you a new one. If you return the Babywatcher in any other way, we will not be able to reimburse you for these costs. If you choose to return the Babywatcher with a company other than UPS, always keep the tracking code. If a shipment goes missing, the Babywatcher will be charged.

How big is the Babywatcher case and how much does it weigh?

The case in which the Babywatcher and laptop are delivered is 47 cm long, 37 cm wide, 15 cm high and weighs about 5 kilos.

I would like to order the Babywatcher for a special occasion. When is the best time to have it delivered?

The Babywatcher is a great surprise for a pregnancy announcement, gender reveal party, baby shower, holiday or birthday. Make sure that the rental period of the Babywatcher starts at least one day before the planned party. Then you can practice utrasounds in advance. And if the courier gets a flat tyre, you can be sure that you will have the Babywatcher on time.

Is a Babywatcher ultrasound safe?

Scientific studies and research show that making a 2D ultrasound is harmless (sources: WHO and FDA). A standard of 60 continuous minutes per ultrasound and an intensity of 94 mW/cm2 applies. Babywatchers use a maximum of 10 minutes per ultrasound and an intensity of 57 mW/cm2. Read all about safety.

Is radiation released when an ultrasound is made?

The Babywatcher creates sound waves and no radiation.

How can I compare the Babywatcher with other ultrasound devices?

There is a difference in resolution between an ultrasound in the hospital and the Babywatcher. Also the Babywatcher also has no measuring functions, as it is not for medical purposes. This is what the comparison of the Babywatcher looks like in addition to (medical) ultrasound applications.

Geluidsgolf Intensiteit Babywatcher en andere echoapparaten

What happens to my personal data, photos and videos?

Privacy Matters’ applies to Babywatcher. This means that we never store or share your personal data with third parties. 2D images and videos created by you will only be stored on your own laptop and will not be accessible to Babywatcher. If you use our laptop, you can easily delete it completely before returning it. If you have forgotten to do so, we will of course do it for you!

What is the difference between an ultrasound at the midwife and at Babywatcher?

Ultrasounds at the midwife usually have a medical purpose, such as checking the health of you and your baby. The Babywatcher is designed to give you more moments with your baby and to share happiness. It has no measuring functions and cannot be used for medical purposes. It is designed to complement a pregnancy, not replace a medical specialist. So please continue to visit your medical specialist.

Can I see a complete picture of my baby at all times?

Until about the twentieth week of your pregnancy, it is easy to get a complete picture of your baby. If you are further pregnant, you will get a different picture – more zoomed in on the body parts.

It’s possible that the baby is not lying in the right position. You can stand up for a moment or cough cautiously. If you still don’t get a good view of the baby, we advise you to try at a later time. It is also possible that the height of your BMI (Body Mass Index) influences the image quality.

Also try to scan from the side of your belly. In this way you can look along the placenta. A placenta lying at the front (near your belly) has no influence on making good ultrasounds.

I have a medical question

The Babywatcher contributes to the experience, perception and enjoyment of pregnancy. For medical questions, please contact the medical specialist. If you have any concerns, it is important to discuss them with your midwife or doctor.

What is the No Worry Guarantee?

Quality and service are very important to us. That’s why we give all our customers the No Worry Guarantee. Is it impossible to get (good) images? You simply get your money back. We stand for the quality of our Babywatcher and have experienced that almost everyone (99.5%) can make good images themselves. Sometimes you just need a little extra help.

Geen zorgen garantie

What do you mean by ‘good images’?

The image quality of the Babywatcher is a compromise between safety and clear images. We have chosen to guarantee safety and keep it simple to use. That’s why the images are not as sharp as your medical ultrasounds, but you can easily make your own ultrasounds at home.

Whether you get good images depends on a number of factors. For example, the amount of amniotic fluid, the location of your baby at that moment, the placenta, but also for example, how much scangel you use and how you handle the probe. Of course, you also need to be able to recognise what you are actually seeing. Often, with just a little help, you are able to handle the probe properly and understand the images. Only in a few cases Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate and there are really no good images to be made.

In order to distinguish between these cases, we define good images as follows:


On good images taken with the Babywatcher, you can at least discover arms, legs, hands, feet, head or nose. If necessary, after help or explanation from Babywatcher’s customer service.


Are you unable to discover your little one with our help? Then you will get your money back if you have met the guarantee conditions.

I don’t get good images, what should I do?

Have you gone through the Tips & Tricks in the software and followed the instruction video, but still can’t make good images? Please contact us during your rental period. This can be done via WhatsApp, chat or mail. During weekends it is best to contact us via e-mail.

We will do everything we can to help you with your ultrasound images. Whether you are entitled to a refund depends on whether you meet the conditions of the No worries guarantee.

What are the conditions of the No Worry Guarantee?

Every woman and baby is unique. Sometimes a little extra patience or help is needed to get good images. After all, you don’t make an ultrasound every day, do you? We therefore offer the No Worry Guarantee if the following conditions are met:

  • You have contacted us about the images during your rental period
  • You used the Babywatcher between weeks 10 and 34 of pregnancy
  • You have forwarded your Babywatcher images to customer service
  • You have used the Babywatcher on at least 3 different parts of the day, following the instructions
  • Customer service cannot interpret your images either

We’d like to help you as best we can. That’s only possible if we know in time that you need help. That’s why we can only offer the No Worries Guarantee if you contact us during your rental period.

Geen zorgen garantie

No good? Money back!

Geen zorgen garantie

No good? Money back!

The Babywatcher is specifically designed for home use.
Still stuck? Take a look at our videos!

– 20 weeks pregnant

+ 20 weeks pregnant

Installing the Babywatcher

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