Hair loss during and after pregnancy

It might scare you, your hair is getting thinner and thinner and you find it everywhere. Don’t worry, hair loss during and after pregnancy is totally normal. Your hair will grow back again! We’ll explain what’s going on.

Thanks, hormones!

Everyday a bad hair day since you’ve been pregnant? Hormones, blame them! During your pregnancy, your body contains so many hormones that it changes the texture of your hair. The shape of your hair follicles change, this can result in flat, dull, limp hair. However, the opposite can also be the case. For example: you suddenly have shiny curls and your hair is much fuller than before. Thanks to all the oestrogen in your body, which ensures that 95% of your hair is in the growth phase during your pregnancy. You suddenly have a lot of hair and it doesn’t fall out as usual. As soon as the oestrogen level in your blood drops around the time of delivery, your hair will enter the resting phase. Unfortunately, this is followed by the fallout phase. You lose a lot of hair and the texture changes again. It will take about six to eight months before your normal hair cycle is back. So is your hair starting to fall out? No worries, it will grow back again!

Don’t you stress!

Every woman reacts differently to hormones. In most cases the hair only starts to fall out around or after giving birth. It is also possible that it starts the period before and that you lose more hair than usual during your pregnancy. This could be related to stress, tension and overtiredness. Do you have enough time for yourself, are you taking it easy and do you avoid stressful situations? No? Then go do it quickly!

Worried about your hair loss? Then discuss it with your midwife or doctor!

Is your hair suddenly starting to fall out?
No worries, it will grow back again!

Hair loss after pregnancy

Normally your hair falls out, but because of the hormones most of your hairs were mainly in the growth phase. But now the hormones are less, your hair is starting to come loose. You loose a lot of hair at once, which can be a bit of a shock.

It doesn’t have to be the case. It’s also possible nothing is wrong with your hair. It’s different for every woman. One woman has a brush full of hair, another woman doesn’t even notice anything is happening to her. How long it takes until your hair is back to normal, is also different for everyone.

80% of women have normal hair growth again about four months after giving birth. There are also women who are less fortunate: it can take a year until your hair is completely back to normal again. This depends on the time your body needs to rebalance the hormones. Also, the growth cycle has to restart, which is also faster for some people than others. Anyway, it’s never fun if your hair suddenly falls out. But now you know that you don’t have to worry and that your hair will grow back again.

Do you have extremely bald spots or do you worry too much about your hair? Go see your doctor or ask your midwife just to be sure and to reassure yourself.

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Hair loss during and after pregnancy