At last! The Babywatcher has arrived. It is so special to look at the baby in your belly. Don’t know yet how to make an ultrasound? Anyone can do it, we promise! With our tips, we will help you to make the best ultrasound scans.

It’s so magical the first time you feel your baby move in your belly. Soft kicks, hiccups, you can feel your baby turning around. But when did you first feel your baby? And how does it feel?

Ultrasounds, it is impossible to imagine the medical world without them. Because without ultrasound scans, we could not look at our unborn babies. We will tell you all about ultrasounds during pregnancy.

At the age of twenty-three, Astrid lost her mother. Two days before little Ivy Mae was born. At the same time, Astrid experienced one of the saddest and most beautiful events of her life. She is grateful for one of the last memories with her mother. Together, in the hospital bed, admiring her little one with the Babywatcher.

The baby has been in mom’s belly for nine months. Right from the start, those two have a bond. After birth, the little one will spend a lot of time with the mom. And what about dad? They say that you are 1-0 behind as a dad because you do not (yet) have a bond with the baby. That can be different. Yes, even in mom’s belly!

Wow, a second son. A mum of boys! There will be two little boys to go on a walk with, in a few months. One snuggled up to me in the baby carrier while the other races through the forest with daddy. We fantasised about it… Until the day of the 20-week ultrasound. A surprise was waiting for us.