A hilarious Instagram account to follow on International Barbie Day!
This hilarious Instagram you must, no, really want to follow. Spoiler alert: it has to do with Barbie, but with an amazing side of her that you have never seen before. A side that we secretly like much more and in which we recognize ourselves much more!
International Women's Day: time for #selflove
Who run the world? Girls! Today is International Women’s Day, so today is all about us, ladies. About all the things that make us strong and ambitious and beautiful. Feeling exhausted (because of your pregnant body), but willing to contribute to International Women’s Day, or in the mood to pamper yourself? We have selected some ways in which you can support International Women’s Day ór practice self-love!
Diary of a preggo: week 12
What is the life of a pregnant woman like? Is it always rosy? Or does it sometimes thunder for the preggos among us? We take you along in a personal diary with honest stories about being pregnant. Week 12 it is!
Exercising during your pregnancy: do or don't?
Did you think that exercising during your pregnancy is unhealthy? Did you perhaps see your pregnancy as an excuse to finally not work out for a bit? ;-) Then it will be disappointing when we tell you that staying active during your pregnancy is actually very important. We have listed some sports that you could do during your pregnancy!
Help, my baby is no longer a baby!
When you realise that your baby is no longer a baby but a real little smart-ass. A strong-willed toddler who knows exactly what he or she wants (and especially does not want). I feel you, mama!
Diary of a preggo: week 11
What is the life of a pregnant woman like? Is it always rosy? Or does it sometimes thunder for the preggos among us? We take you along in a personal diary with honest stories about being pregnant. All about week 11!
8x the most common pregnancy cravings!
Food cravings... Almost every pregnant woman knows it. Sudden cravings for certain snacks or drinks, or the craziest combinations of foods. These are the most common cravings among pregnant women! Which (crazy) food craving sounds familiar to you?
The hell of brushing teeth
As soon as your little one starts teething, it's time for a new milestone. The time to brush those new additions! Personally, I thought it would be a very sweet and adorable moment. Until the moment when all hell broke loose as soon as the toothbrush was in the picture...
Inspo for decorating the most adorable and practical baby rooms!
Your heart is racing just at the thought of it... I'm talking about decorating the baby's room, of course! Whether you're an interior design fan or not, you'll absolutely love decorating the baby's room. We went in search of inspiration, so let's think outside of the box!
Love strawberries with chocolate for Valentine's Day #pregnantproof
The day of love is coming. With these chocolate-covered love strawberries, you will conquer anyone! Tip: give a subtle (or not so subtle) hint to your lover and indulge in this delicacy. But, even with these divine strawberries, it is permitted to just be your own sweetheart! Read the recipe here.
8x facts and myths about pregnancy!
Pregnancy. A time of many changes. In your body, in your environment, and also in your lifestyle. It is also a time when you are confronted with a lot of information. Asked and unasked for. Your neighbour who comes up with a bizarre piece of information. Your colleague who tries to make you believe that absurd story. The result is that at some point you no longer know what to believe. We have listed 8 popular facts and myths about pregnancy!
12x the most original pregnancy announcements on Valentine's Day!
A pregnancy announcement is undoubtedly one of the most special moments of your pregnancy. When you announce the most beautiful news of your life, you want to do it right. And what better moment to announce that a little miracle is growing inside of you than the day we celebrate love? I am of course talking about Valentine's Day. Don't panic, we will help you out with 12x the most original pregnancy announcements for Valentine's Day!
12x momfluencers you don't want to miss on Insta!
Influencers. They seem to pop up like mushrooms every day. Yes, the influencer world is getting more diverse every day. Fitfluencers. Food influencers. Fashion influencers. And now momfluencers too. Yay! We have of course listed the ones that passed the test! Which one are you going to follow (or stalk) first?
Nausea, crumbs in bed, and free advice
The funny thing is that I really wished I was getting nauseous at first. Be careful what you wish for. By now, as desperate as you can be, I've started to test out all the advice. And I'm listing the best ones here for you, free and clear. Because you don't get enough advice during pregnancy. ;)
12x the most hilarious films and series about pregnancy and babies
As a mommy-to-be, you want to be as engaged as possible with pregnancy and babies. We get it... you just can't get enough. So grab your favourite snacks and chill out with these films and series!
Diaper Bags 2.0
If there's one thing we love to do, it is shop for a new bag - and that includes a beautiful diaper bag. However, it's not that easy to find the perfect bag. They have to meet a lot of requirements. It has to be practical, hold enough items without having everything flying through your bag, and be fashionable with every outfit. Yes, even your mini's fashion look. ;) That's why we like to help you on your way with these diaper bags 2.0!
When is baby number 2 coming?
When is baby number 2 coming? It's unbelievable. How many times this infamous question has been asked. A second child sounds nice, and all - especially very easy when you mention it like that - but is it realistic? Do you really just add a second child to your family that easily?
The funniest (and most recognisable) pregnancy memes
Pregnancy. Describe it as a bumpy (literally and figuratively) road to a beautiful destination.This is pretty accurate. Right? Let's take a trip down reality lane and approach the reality of pregnancy with a dose of humour.
When peeing over a stick changes your life
All your life, you imagine it romantically, the moment you find out you are pregnant. Dream scenarios flew through my head; not even marriage came close to that moment. With great excitement, we started the process of trying to get pregnant. When peeing over a stick changes your life!
Items that make your life with a baby easier

Being a new mother... is like living on a cloud of happiness! Isn't it? Spending time with your mini, everything is picture-perfect and seems to come straight from a dream. Okay, back to reality for a moment. Sure, it is the best period of your life. But we can all agree that mom life also brings along some struggles and worries. You probably wonder how you can make life as a mom easier. So, which items are really indispensable with a baby?

Sleep in Saturday
As a mom or dad, you are overjoyed when your precious child finally sleeps through the night. And you finally function without coffee again. Thank goodness, because that means you are ready to negotiate. With whom? Your partner of course! Who jumps out of bed when the little one wakes up? And when? Voilà, the concept of Sleep in Saturday is born.