Perchè sono così stanca ora che sono incinta?

Why am I so tired now that I'm pregnant?

Feeling lifeless and extremely tired now you are pregnant? Unfortunately, it's all part of it. You are not alone. In fact, almost all pregnant women feel exhausted almost all the time. Why is this and what can you do about it?

Especially in the first trimester, this early pregnancy symptom can get a hold on you. You are so extremely tired and want to sleep. You'd rather cancal all your plans and stay in bed all day. Unfortunately, this is not an option because life goes on! In the second trimester the tiredness often improves, this is until the last weeks of your pregnancy. Then everything gets harder again. You want to squeeze that baby out.

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So, why am I so tired?

  • Again those hormones... The increase of progesterone in your body simply sucks out the energy in you and makes you want to sleep!
  • You are no longer one, but two! During pregnancy your body changes bizarrely and everything is getting ready for the baby and birth. Your metabolism is faster, your sugar level and blood pressure drop... This costs you a lot of energy.
  • Fatigue is not your only ailment. Back pain, nausea, tyre pain and emotional attacks. It is to get tired of. Literally.
  • No matter how tired you are, you sleep dramatically. You worry a lot, think about what you still have to arrange before your baby arrives, think about parenthood, have to pee about ALL THE TIME, your belly is so in your way! Your eye bags keep growing and growing...

How can I handle my tiredness?

  • Sleep as much as possible. You are pregnant. Surely there is no better reason to take an occasional afternoon nap, go to bed early or get a good night's sleep! Now you still can, enjoy it!
  • Yes, we know, your couch is so comfty. But exercise is good for you, gives you energy and makes you feel better. Go for a nice walk, cycle or swim in the pool. Or perhaps a home workout. Exercise makes you fall asleep better. P.S. Don't exaggerate, cause you also need your rest.
  • Tired? Your body is trying to tell you something. So really try to breath and see it as a sign of your body. You need more sleep, especially when you are pregnant.
  • A weekend break, dinner with friends, drinks until late in the evening, work, housekeeping. It costs you a lot more energy now that you're pregnant. Give some chores out of your hands and take more time for yourself. It's okay to say 'no' to your friends! In fact, we think it would be wise to spend an evening on the couch.
Are you so tired that you're suffering from it a lot and for a long time? There may also be something else going on. If you are tired, feel weak and short of breath, this may be a sign of anaemia. In addition to being tired, are you gloomy, scared and do you notice changes in your appetite? You may suffer from prenatal depression. Contact your doctor or midwife!

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