When do I finally feel my baby? And how does that feel?

When will I feel my baby?

It's so magical the first time you feel your baby move in your belly. Soft kicks, hiccups, you can feel your baby turning around. But when will you feel your baby for the first time? And how does it feel?

From the beginning

Your little one is already rattling around in your belly from the beginning. From week 7, your baby starts to move, and arms and legs begin to grow. From 15 weeks, all limbs and joints are in the right place, and your baby will start practising intensive movement: kicking, pirouettes, stretching. Of course, the baby still has to learn how to use his limbs and is going wild. But at this point, you won't feel a thing.
Women describe their little one's movements as plops, tingles, bubbles, and butterflies in their tummies. How would you describe it? 😊

The first kick

In the beginning, it is hard to recognize your baby's moves. Is it your bowel movements, or is there a kick? Women describe their little one's movements as plops, jitters, bubbles, and butterflies in their stomachs. How would you describe it? Once you've felt something and especially experienced the same feeling a few times, you'll know pretty quickly that it's your baby coming to say hello. How magical! Around week 16 to week 20 of your pregnancy, you can feel your baby for the first time, especially if this is your first pregnancy. It can also be a little later, depending on the person. If you are pregnant the next time, you may recognise your baby's movements a few weeks earlier. Then you will know right away when you feel that special, first kick: that's how it felt! It is beautiful, that first kick and feeling the first movements. Of course, your friends and family want to enjoy it with you. But unfortunately, they have to wait a little longer. From about 24 weeks, your family will be able to feel the movements too.
Psst, fun idea: take a photo or video of the ultrasound image and share it with family or friends.

Haven't you felt anything yet?

Are you 20 weeks pregnant yet, and you haven't felt a thing? Don't worry; this is perfectly normal! You do not know what to feel. It will come, and then you can enjoy it every day. The chance of feeling your baby is most excellent if you rest. Relax and snuggle up on the couch or in bed. In addition, your baby is often most active before you go to sleep or in the morning.

Increasingly powerful movements per trimester

  • Week 1 to 12: During the first trimester, the little one in your belly is making the transition from embryo to fetus. Not only are its arms and legs forming, but vital organs like its brain and liver are also beginning to function. Incredible, right? The baby is already moving (from about week 7), but you won't feel it yet. With the Babywatcher, you can see the heart beating in the first trimester. Otherwise, the baby is still tiny, really tiny. For a nice and clear ultrasound, we advise you to be patient a bit longer. It's best to rent the Babywatcher from week 12.
  • Week 13 to 27: In the second trimester, your baby is growing and developing even faster! He (or she, of course) is also already practicing how to survive outside your womb. He practices breathing and swallowing and learns to use his senses. Furthermore, the little one moves like crazy! He yawns, hiccups, swings, and does somersaults. Do you sometimes feel like your baby is having a party? With the Babywatcher, you can have a cosy peek at your little one. You can see the baby from head to toe, and you can see the heart beating. Also super adorable to see: your baby has the hiccups more often because its stomach is full of swallowed amniotic fluid. As soon as you feel something, you can use the Babywatcher to see whatever the little one is doing. How special is it to see when the baby thumbs, plays with its feet, or waves? You might even manage to count its fingers or toes.
  • Week 28 to the week of your delivery! In your 3rd trimester, your baby will increase dramatically in weight, growing four times as much. Unbelievable, right? Your little one is also developing a regular rhythm. You'll feel your baby move at regular intervals throughout the day. Make these moments extra special by taking ultrasounds with the Babywatcher. This way, you can get an idea of the recognizable movements you keep feeling. And, you can see the baby whenever and wherever you want. Getting a complete picture of the baby is becoming increasingly difficult because he is growing so fast. To ensure you can still have beautiful ultrasounds, we advise you to use the Babywatcher before week 32.

How often will I feel the baby?

Have you been feeling your baby regularly, but not for a while now? Don't worry! It may be that the amniotic fluid temporarily increases, making the movements less distinct for you. From about 28 weeks onwards, the baby starts moving less because he or she needs more space. From this moment on, the movements may also begin to feel different and more powerful! You will feel the baby every day. Make a nice (pampering) moment of it and connect with your baby. Rub your belly with oil or cream. Lie or sit quietly and put your hands on your belly. Have you noticed that the baby tries to come to you when he or she feels your touch? So cute, so much love already! ♥ If you have not felt your baby for more than a day after 28 weeks, contact your midwife to be sure.
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