What are fine grooming products for your baby?

What are fine grooming products for your baby?

What are fine grooming products for your baby?

It's probably no surprise to hear that you'll be stocking up on a lot of care products - and a lot of products in general - for your baby. After all, as a new resident of this world, your baby needs quite a lot, since his or her care is no longer automatically provided by nature. When it comes to caring products, baby creams, baby wipes, and baby oil are probably among the first products that spring to mind. Stock up on them! But ho, wait. Because baby skin is still fragile and vulnerable. And there is no doubt that you want the best for your baby, including his or her skin. We have done some research and answered the following question: Which skin care products are best suited to take the best care of your baby's skin? Scroll a little further, and then you can finally stock up ;)

1. Naïf skin cream for babies & Kids€12,95

Does your baby suffer from diaper rash? Then this mild skin cream from Naïf is a good option. This cream is free of microplastics, mineral oils, parabens, silicones, and perfume. This cream will do its part in repairing diaper rash, but also in preventing it. And that will save your little one a lot of irritation!

2. Naïf sunscreen for babies & kids 100 ml - €21,95

Dermatologists and skin therapists can't remind us often enough how important it is to carefully and regularly oil our skin when we are exposed to the sun's lovely rays. Then you can imagine that it's even more important to lovingly lubricate your baby's fragile skin with a good sunscreen. Naïf's SPF50 sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays and is water-resistant. So it still works well when you opt for a splash in the water (with rubber bands)!

3. Naïf cooling after sun gel - €14,95

After a day of los genietos in the sun, we pull out a fine after-sun gel. Also for your mini-me. The cooling after-sun gel from Naïf has a calming, moisturizing, and restorative function. The aloe vera juice in this gel plays a big role in this care. Afraid of drying out the baby's skin? This has also been thought of: the vegetable glycerin will prevent this.

4. Weleda Calendula baby shampoo & shower creme - €7,99

A baby care product that you will use (and therefore repurchase) often enough is baby shampoo and shower cream. This variant from Weleda is 100% natural and contains Calendula extract. Also with this product, you don't have to worry about drying out the fragile baby skin. Oh yeah, and it's a mild product, which is best for baby skin. 1 + 1 + 1 +...we lost count, but you get it: more than enough benefits.

5. Weleda Calendula body milk - €12,99

Weleda's Calendula collection also includes delicious body milk for babies. This body milk is made of organic almond oil and sesame oil, among others, which ensure that the baby's skin remains soft and supple. Using this body milk will protect and moisturize the baby's skin just the way you like it: 100% natural.

6. Weleda Calendula nurturing babyolie - €12,99

Looking for a natural and perfume-free oil with which you can massage your baby? Then choose the nurturing and warming baby oil by Weleda. This oil also contains Calendula extract, which has a purifying and soothing function. Massaging with this baby oil means optimal relaxation for your little one!

7. Lillydoo babywipes - €14,40

Yes, baby wipes that are 99% water, are here! The brand Lillydoo produces these baby wipes, which are also perfume and plastic-free. Now you're probably wondering what that last 1% is made up of. Organic almond oil is the answer! These wipes are gentle and friendly to the baby's skin and the environment. 

8. Petit & Jolie bath oil - €10,24

This is one for babies who suffer from dry skin. Petit & Jolie's full-bodied bath oil has an optimal nurturing effect, instantly addressing dry baby skin. In addition, the 100% natural bath oil has rosemary extract, so your mini-me can relax wonderfully in the bath. Quality time!

9. Petit & Jolie oily cream - €9,24

An oily cream can also help with very dry baby skin. To reduce the itching caused by dryness, this oily cream from Petit & Jolie consists of (among other things) shea butter and almond oil. Oh yes, it is suitable for both face and body!



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