Come aumentare e migliorare la tua fertilità

Ways to boost your fertility

A lot of couples that desire a baby, are not able to conceive a baby within one year. In some cases, it even takes longer than a year, while other couples aren’t able to conceive a child at all. Unfortunately, we can’t control all of mankind’s desires, but we can provide you with tips to boost your fertility.

  • Feel good!
Those who are comfortable with themselves, are more likely to get pregnant. Stress and negative feelings aren’t favorable for your fertility. These feelings are known to produce so called ‘free radicals’ that negatively influence your body and mindset. It is therefore important to avoid stressful situations and to relax, which is a solid excuse to take a day off and to visit a spa. Who doesn’t enjoy a good spa-day after all? Are you in an unstable relationship that involves a lot of arguing or do you have a stressful job with a lot of weight on your shoulders? If that is the case, you are more likely to have problems with getting pregnant. So, with that in mind, book that desired week off and enjoy your free time!
  • Smoking, drinking and drugs, avoid it!
Do you want to get pregnant? Than we advise you to adapt a healthy lifestyle. That drinking, smoking and drugs aren’t beneficial for your health, is something that we are all familiar with, but why is that? In order to get pregnant, you need healthy and strong oocytes. Unhealthy means such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs damage your oocytes, which may unable the oocytes to get fertilized. This means that if you, for instance, consume alcohol during your pregnancy, you are less likely to get pregnant. If you continue to drink after the fertilization, you increase your chances on getting a miscarriage.
  • Consume loads of folic acid!
Is your friend giving you folic acid tablets, and you are wondering why and what it is? It is a hint! The antioxidants in the folic acid will benefit your fertility and thus your chances on getting pregnant. Folic acid is a vitamin of the B complex. It deactivates the free radicals, yes free radicals again, which prevents the harming of your oocytes. Even if you are already in your pregnancy, it is important to keep consuming these vitamins. Especially in the early development stage of your unborn child. Instead of the folic acid tablets, you can also eat walnuts which are rich of antioxidants. For the best result, it is advisable to combine the two.
  • Work on your body weight and exercise
Overweight can reduce the chances on getting pregnant. The ideal BMI (body mass index) is between 18.5 and 25 which is the best rate to increase your fertility. Being overweight increases your blood pressure which is not so beneficial for your fertility. With this in mind, make sure that, if you plan on getting pregnant, that you are on a healthy weight. Achieve your ideal weight healthily though, so no crash-diets! Exercising helps to achieve this target weight, which also positively affects your fertility. But as most things in life, do not exaggerate it, because too much exercising can cause the opposite effect.
  • Eat healthy!
At last, our personal favorite activity: eating! Your food-pattern plays a big role in your life and body. This means also in your fertility! Eating the right nutrition causes your hormones to be in balance. The most important hormones, that must be in balance, are progesterone and estrogen. A few tips to improve your daily nutrition pattern, which increases your changes on getting pregnant:
  • Try to eat and use as much fresh products as possible and avoid the pre-made meals.
  • Don’t forget about your daily proportion of fruit and vegetables (2 pieces – 200 gram a day) and make sure to consume enough alkaline. Alkaline can, amongst others, be found in asparagus, celery, mango, olives, peaches, potatoes, cherries, cucumber, onions and apples.
  • Avoid greasy meat (minced meat, bratwurst, bacon)
  • Try to eat rye or whole-grain bread instead of white bread.
  • Are you a coffee addict? Too bad! This is your chance to get rid of your addiction. Your oocyte-forming will suffer under this addiction. If you feel the need for caffeine, try to drink a cup of herbal tea instead of coffee!
  • Drink a lot of water (2 liters a day) and avoid soda.
  • Aspartame has an inhibiting effect on your ovary. So, think twice before ordering that Coca Cola Light!
  • Leave the cookies, crisps and candy in the drawer. Or even better, leave it in the supermarket, because too much sugar is not good for you!
  • Nuts, seeds and dried-fruit; always a good choice! This is antioxidant-rich food!
  • Vary in your food pattern, eat sufficient fish, proteins, fats, vegetables, fruits and carbs.
  • Eat less refined carbohydrates such as cookies, candy, bread spreads, sodas etc.
  • Eat a bigger breakfast. What? Yes, it goes without saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Research has proven that a proper breakfast positively affects the fertility issues. This has to do with the hormones again. So, never skip breakfast!
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