waiting for ultrasounds takes long

Waiting for the first ultrasound takes long

Damn, time can pass so slowly. Ever since you tested positive, you've wanted nothing more than to go to the midwife and have your baby's first ultrasound. But you'll have to wait a while for that first ultrasound. But what do you do until then and how do you get through all this uncertainty?

Yes, the pregnancy is real!

Waiting for your first ultrasound and the first visit to the midwife. You want to shout out that you're pregnant, but you also feel that terrible uncertainty. Are you really pregnant? And what if something goes wrong? You have not yet seen the heart beat, so the pregnancy does not feel very certain. The idea that something small is growing inside you is also very strange. Is it really true? Is it real? Yes, it is! Otherwise your pregnancy test would not have indicated it. But your uncertainty and that strange feeling will probably persist for a while. Until you have seen the midwife and had confirmation of the life inside you. Do you already suffer from (early) pregnancy symptoms? Your body feels different and you may experience nausea, headaches, you are more emotional than usual and your breasts may be very sensitive. This too is a real indication of pregnancy!

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How can I pass the time?

We would love to give you some good advice now. But quite frankly, there is only one thing to do: wait. Be patient, but schedule an appointment with the midwife in advance. Now you can at least count down; have you already made a countdown calendar? There is nothing like crossing out a new day every day! The next few weeks may seem long, but if you have fun distractions, time can pass more quickly. Plan fun things to do on the weekends (despite your fatigue), find distractions, start living a healthy lifestyle for your little one and read up on pregnancy. Don't worry too much and go on with your life. You have no influence on whether things go well or not at the beginning of the pregnancy (apart from your healthy lifestyle), so just try to stay positive. It will be better for you, for those around you and for the baby in your belly!

I feel so insecure

Realise that you are not alone. Almost all newly pregnant women are uncertain about their pregnancy. A lot is happening in your body, but you don't quite understand yet how it is possible that something is growing inside you. In fact, you have not yet had any sign of life, only that extra stripe on your pregnancy test. Are you really feeling too unsure? Talk to your midwife about the impact it has on your present life, and who knows, she might be able to help you further. What also can help: talking to other pregnant women in the same situation, or women who've been there. Do you have friends who already have children? Talk about how you feel and they will surely recognise some of it! You can also check out various online forums where you can get in touch with other women who are struggling with the same feelings. It can be a great relief! But in any case, try to stay positive! Just a few more days and you will see your little one for the first time.

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Finally, the first ultrasound!

And then it's time. Your first visit to the midwife and your first peek at your little one. This usually happens between six and ten weeks. What a wonderful feeling, as soon as you see the heart beating. Chances are you or your partner will shed a tear. There is your little seed and it is alive! Now that you have proof that the heart is beating, the chance of it going wrong is very small. So let go of the uncertainty and enjoy the pregnancy. Have you thought of a special way to tell your loved ones?

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