Waiting for an ultrasound... this is how it feels!

Waiting for an ultrasound... this is how it feels!

I never realised that pregnancy is all about waiting. I was waiting for a positive pregnancy test. Waiting for an ultrasound. Waiting for the trimesters to pass. Waiting for the baby. It takes a long time—all that waiting. I can’t wait to meet my baby.

The first ultrasound scan

I remember it strongly. I stood in the bathroom, heartily happy. A positive pregnancy test in my hand. And then the very first ultrasound. So special! I walked out, completely in love. I wanted to scream from the rooftops that I was pregnant. The whole street, the whole world, could know. I did not keep my resolution not to tell the good news until 12 weeks. That goes without saying.

“I cannot wait to meet my baby. So, why wait any longer? I decided to take a look myself!”

Being pregnant, I love it!

It is often said about being pregnant: “It’s not always a bed of roses! But, in my case, it is. I love being pregnant. My growing tummy. Picking out baby clothes. Endless chatting about the baby and (future) parenthood. The visits to the midwife. Listening to the heartbeat, feeling connected to the little one. I love it! Suddenly, I am almost twenty weeks pregnant again. The twenty-week ultrasound is just around the corner—an important milestone. Our feelings and the findings of the regular check-ups by the midwife are confirmed. The baby is in perfect health. Our son is doing well. Yes, a son! A boy is on the way.

Peeking with the Babywatcher

After the milestone of the 20-week ultrasound, it feels like I am just waiting again. I wonder when I will get another ultrasound? Will I still get one? How long do I have to wait? I long to see my son. My husband says I am too impatient. I prefer to say that I am curious. I can’t wait to meet my baby. So, why wait any longer? I decided to have a look myself! Well, I just could not resist. There I was, simply at home on the couch. My husband set up the Babywatcher. Bare belly, scanning gel on it, and we make an ultrasound ourselves! We are intensely enjoying this moment, watching our son. We are no experts, but we manage to recognise the baby quickly. The arms, the face, and the legs, wonderful! We are very grateful for this little extra—our moment of pleasure. Even the grandparents admired the little one. Everyone was happy! Really, I recommend it to everyone. Also, thanks to the customer service who helped me (and especially my pregnant brain) at the weekend with all my questions.
I secretly hope that I will get an ultrasound at my next midwife check-up. Otherwise, see you soon, little one!

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