This is why the Babywatcher is safe for mother and child

This is why the Babywatcher is safe for mother and child

We love babies. So, of course, the Babywatcher is safe. 😊 Did you know that the Babywatcher was developed by a team of experts, especially for parents at home?

How does the Babywatcher ultrasound work?

To make ultrasounds of your little one, we use ultrasound technology. Just like other ultrasound equipment, the Babywatcher makes sounds. This sound (ultrasonic sound) is so high that it is inaudible, even to your baby. The Babywatcher transmits ultrasonic sound and also captures it. Thanks to this reflection, the Babywatcher makes images, which we know as ultrasound!

We’ve developed the Babywatcher together with an independent team of medical experts, specifically for home use by parents. There are no adjusting settings, and everything is Plug & Play. Easy and risk-free. Prof. dr. Jan Nijhuis, a renowned gynecologist from the Academic hospital of Maastricht (MUMC+), was one of the driving forces behind its development, together with the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium.

What is the intensity of a Babywatcher ultrasound?

Ultrasound is completely safe. No injuries have ever occurred, even though today's standards are much higher. The standards are designed to prevent risks from arising. They also determine how high the intensity of ultrasounds may be. The higher the intensity, the better the images. This is, of course, perfect for medical research, but it is not necessary if you want to take a quick peek at your sweetheart using the Babywatcher. That's why the intensity of the Babywatcher is much lower than the standard. Think of it this way: the Babywatcher is purely meant for a moment of pleasure.

What is the difference between a pregnancy scan at the midwife and at Babywatcher?

Scans at the midwife usually have a medical purpose, such as checking the health of you and your baby. The Babywatcher is designed to give you more moments with your baby and to share happiness. It has no measuring functions and cannot be used for medical purposes. It is designed to complement a pregnancy, not replace a medical specialist. So please continue to visit your medical specialist.
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Your ultrasound at home

The Babywatcher contains everything you need to make your own pregnancy scans at home.

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