Things nobody tells you about being pregnant

Things nobody tells you about being pregnant

As you can read in the title of this blog...

I would like to tell you the things that nobody has told you beforehand about pregnancy. Of course, everyone is enthusiastic and happy to tell you a hundred and one experiences, stories, and, last but not least, advice. Still, some topics remain unanswered about pregnancy and that you would like to know anyway.

Another important note: they are all compiled from Google, friends, my pregnancy, YouTube, a post in a baby forum, Podcasts, and anything else you can find that is not 'scientific.'

Here they come:

  1. Morning sickness does not have to be just in the morning. It can also last all day.

Sorry not sorry, but you really need to know this one. There's nothing wrong with you, and you're not overreacting; being nauseous can really last all day (and night). Those weeks of sickness felt like months to me, and it really made me desperate at one point. You can discuss this with your midwife, and sometimes medication is a good solution.

  1. It can be the most amazing and the most challenging time of your life at the same time.

You can experience both, being on cloud nine and many discomforts, which is also very typical. One day I would love to stroll around in a tight dress with my baby bump, while the next day, I would like to crawl into bed in my leggings.

  1. That you can suddenly cry about everything (or nothing).

It's not a myth, and it's not just for the "emotional" people among us. You may suddenly cry over the most minor things during your pregnancy. An advertisement, a sweet message, or sometimes even a thought: the tears start rolling. Tears of sadness, happiness, or whatever come to pass during pregnancy.

  1. Depressive feelings.

One of the most frequently mentioned ailments in the forum: is the depressive feelings you can get during pregnancy. Much attention is paid to the fact that you can really feel depressed during (periods of) pregnancy, which is a surprise to many people. 

  1. Pregnancy dementia.

This one is a 'well talked about, but not quite sure how intense it can be.' My week's problem is that I forgot my PIN number because of pregnancy dementia. No, it wasn't a new PIN number. I just suddenly forgot it after one year and a half. It is gone, and it is not coming back. It can be that intense.

  1. The annoying questions you will be asked and how annoyed they can make you.

Questions and comments of all kinds. Your appearance, your diet, how much you work, how much you exercise; people have a lot of opinions and want to express them during your pregnancy as part of their 'advice.' The level of irritation is also much higher during pregnancy. If it's not because you've already heard 'the advice' 100 times, it's because of the number of hormones racing through your body. 

  1. That people have an opinion about how big your belly is.

During pregnancy, you know that your belly will become rounder, that you can start retaining fluid, feel bloated and gain weight. It's only natural, too, as a baby grows inside you. You have 1.5 litres more blood, you can't (and don't want to) do as much sport and exercise, you may feel hungrier and have an increased appetite for food, and you have to deal with pregnancy hormones. Still, people always seem to have an opinion about how big your belly is and always have to express it. One bump is too small, and the other is way too big. During your pregnancy, you would much rather hear that every woman is beautifully pregnant, and if there really is something wrong, then the midwife will really discuss this with you. 

  1. That people suddenly start touching your belly.

The bigger your belly gets, the more people suddenly touch it without asking. And no, not only your grandmother and best friend. Also, people, you don't know very well. Be prepared.

  1. The uncertainty that may persist.

The first twelve weeks can be pretty uncertain because you hope everything will go well. But what I did not expect (and with me several forum writers) was the ongoing uncertainty that lingers in all the weeks afterward.

  1. Your bowels.

This one also comes from the forum, but I can definitely underline it: your bowels change. There is a lot of gas in your intestines, you can get constipated, and your intestines become slower.

  1. Realistic dreams and nightmares

You can have very realistic dreams and nightmares that you can remember for much longer than usual during your pregnancy. For example, I dreamt my mother took the baby out of my belly with a small cut so we could see the baby already.

  1. Black hair growth on your lower abdomen

I must confess that I have not experienced this yet, but I often hear it: black hair growth on your belly. This is a hormonal reaction, and the good news is that it will disappear after pregnancy.

What do you wish you had known before you were pregnant? Let us know!


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