These stylish and practical commodes you'll want to have!

These stylish and practical commodes you'll want to have!

Continue decorating!

Repeat after me: decorating the baby's room is the most fun there is! Fortunately, there are a lot of things to do and to buy for the baby's room. Besides a crib, a dresser (a.k.a. nursing table) is probably one of the first things you score for the baby's room. No, stop. Who am I kidding, because pillows and stuffed animals, and other decorations for the baby's room are probably favorites of most moms. Either way, a changing table is an indispensable part of any baby's room. But how do you choose a safe and practical changing table?

The function of a changing table

Changing and dressing your little one? On the changing table or chest of drawers, of course! But did you know that a changing table is also a great storage place? You can put a lot of care products for your little one in there (handy, because you have them close at hand while changing), and sometimes even clothes or bedding. So, it's multifunctional!

Tips for a safe changing table

All items that a baby comes into contact with should be safe. Period. The same goes for the changing table. Therefore take into account the following tips:

  • Stability. Since the dresser is fairly high, you want to avoid the risk of falling. Therefore, sturdiness and stability are an absolute must. For this reason, a chest of drawers on wheels is not recommended.
  • Raised edge. A raised edge of at least 5 cm (2 inches) (both on the dresser itself and the changing pad) can also prevent the risk of falling.
  • Mounting to the wall. Another horror scenario (that you might dream about at night): the dresser falls over. Solution: mount the dresser on the wall.
  • Sharp edges, corners, and splinters. I don't need to explain the danger of these further. A dresser with sharp corners is undoubtedly on the black list. Have you bought a dresser, and after checking for sharp edges and splinters do you find that they are present? Take the time to give the dresser a good sanding.
  • Drawers with stop. Do you have your eye on a dresser with drawers? Check whether the drawers have a stop so that they do not fall to the floor as soon as they open wide. It's also good for your toes.
  • Tabletop dimensions. The size of the dresser's top is also an important safety factor. A minimum depth of 38 cm and a minimum width of 65 cm is recommended.
  • Dressing pad. Does the changing pad not fit completely on the dresser? If so, I'm sorry to disappoint you (and send it back to the store), as a fitting changing pad is important for changing and dressing your baby in a safe way.
  • Holes. Holes between 7 and 12 mm are out of the question. After all, your baby's teeny, tiny fingers could get stuck in them.
  • Small and loose parts. Yes, small children love to fill their mouths with anything and everything. Just like small parts on the dresser. So, avoid these parts!
  • Feet: What is a good height for the dresser depends on your height. However, you should be able to put the front of your feet under the dresser so you can get close enough to your baby.
  • Folding work surface. Will you choose a dresser with a folding worktop? You probably already feel it coming, but always make sure that the worktop cannot simply fold away while changing or dressing.

Tip: Would you like to check in the (web) store that the commode you have in mind meets the European standard for commodes? Check whether the chest of drawers has the following number: EN1221.

Tips for a practical commode

Safety is a must for a dresser, but don't underestimate the practical value of a dresser either. You'll be changing and dressing your baby often enough, so make it as easy as possible with a practical changing table! The tips below can help:

  • Drawers or shelves. When choosing a suitable commode, it is important to consider whether you (and your partner, let's not forget them!) find drawers or shelves easier. A big advantage of shelves is that you can see at a glance where all the stuff is. It's up to you!
  • A shelf above the dresser. When changing or dressing your baby on the dresser, it is important to have all the necessities within reach. That's why a shelf above the dresser can come in handy. Because: extra storage space. And it looks nice too!
  • Push-to-open drawers. Drawers that open when you push against them are not practical for a dresser. Because: you lean against the dresser while changing and the drawers will open by themselves. Not practical.
  • Commode height. One of the first things you probably check before buying a dresser is the height. For good reason, of course. After all, it's nice if the height of the dresser fits your height (and yes, your partner's too!). In most cases, a chest of drawers with a height between 85 and 105 cm will be handy.
  • Wall-mounted dresser. A small (but cozy) baby room? Then a wall-mounted chest of drawers might be practical, as you can attach it to the wall and fold it down as well. Ideal!
  • Enlarger sheet. Do you like to have a little more space when changing or dressing your mini-me? Then buy a leaf enlarger or a dresser top. The advantage of a tray extender is that your baby can lie right in front of you with his or her feet towards you, which may make changing or dressing a lot easier.
  • Mirror or music mobile. Does your little one make a sport of constantly moving around while changing or dressing? Hang a mirror or a music mobile above the dresser.

Top 5 most beautiful and practical chests of drawers

Every nursery has its own style. And of course, you want the commode to fit into the overall picture. Now that we've listed the practical benefits and safety requirements, it's (finally) time to take a look at how this can be translated into the aesthetic factor. Handsome moms, we are pleased to present: the five most beautiful and practical commodes!

  1. Polini commode

Storage space: check! You can put things that deserve to be seen in the open storage area of the dresser (or decorate it with baskets), and the rest can be stored behind closed doors ;) In addition, the dresser is made of durable birch wood and the nursing surface measures 70 x 77 cm. So, you can tick off those boxes too.

Polini Commode voor de Babykamer - €132,91 

  1. Cabino commode Eddie

Talk about an aesthetically pleasing commode! But practical too, because this one has more than enough storage space. This dresser has a height of 90 cm, which is a perfect height. What more could you want?

Cabino Commode Eddie - €110,- 

  1. Ikea Gulliver commode

This is one for those who love chests of drawers with shelves. Smaller items can be stored in baskets, while larger items can be placed on the shelves themselves. So, you can see at a glance where the things are that you need. And hey, this dresser is absolutely beautiful ;)

GULLIVER - €79,95

  1. Europe Baby Sylt Dresser Oak

Go for a beautiful natural look with this brown wooden dresser. The spacious top ensures that you can easily and comfortably change your baby. In addition, the storage drawers have sleek handles. And not unimportantly, the dresser meets the European safety standards.

Europe Baby Sylt Commode Oak - €279 

  1. Bopita Nora dresser

Beautiful black is certainly not ugly! This black dresser features beech accents with natural color. This dresser also has plenty of storage space. Tip: combine this chest of drawers with the Square extender, to make changing your baby a lot more comfortable (for both of you!).

Bopita Nora Commode - €439,-


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