These basics you must have in your closet for fall as a pregnant person!

These basics you must have in your closet for fall as a pregnant person!

Secretly, I always look forward to fall myself, because of the clothing. Because: layers! And that means there are so many options in terms of looks. That thick coat can stay in the closet for a while - or you wear it open, which is no longer possible in winter - and you can still go out with a dress - albeit with tights - without feeling like icicles are hanging from your nose. I myself am also a big fan of basics that can all be combined with each other. And no doubt our wallets are happy about that too! So this season there are also some basics that everyone, yes, even you pretty preggo, should have in her closet! No worries, because nowadays trendy stores and webshops are adding these fun items to their maternity collection. Wondering what those basics are this fall? You can find them below!

Disclaimer: the items have a high match factor, so you can perfectly combine them. What a convenience ;)

  1. Striped sweater or long sleeve

Stripes, you can't seem to get away from them this fall. At least if you're not tired of them yet, because they're being thrown around (figuratively speaking) this season. Let us tell you that you can do nothing wrong in the eyes of the fashion police with a striped sweater or long sleeve. A big plus, too, is that it fits wonderfully. So don't think about it, just stock up!

Oversized striped sweater - €38,99

Cotton top - €11,99

Cotton top with long sleeves - €11,99

  1. Puffer jacket

They were around last year, but this one is a case of "here to stay."  And we're not mad about it, because if a long period of lockdowns has taught us anything, it's that comfort does take precedence. With such a long puffer, it doesn't really matter what you wear underneath. So it can also be your fave jogging suit (yes, even if it still has a coffee stain, you don't see it anyway).

Puffer jacket - €79,99

Quilted midi jacket - €94,99

Down wrap jacket - €109,- €54,50

  1. Trenchcoat

When the fall temperatures are a bit more cooperative (as far as that is possible here in the Netherlands), you can probably leave the door wearing a trench coat and save that puffer for cooler days. With any luck, your old trench coat will still fit you; if not, maybe you can score one of the gorgeous ones below.

Long trenchcoat - €77,99

Single trenchcoat - €59,99 €41,95

trenchcoat - €79,99 €61,-

  1. Sweater dress

I think everyone agrees that it is wonderful to be ready with one piece of clothing. There is no hassle with looking for a cute top or sweater with those pants. You put on this comfy dress and you're done. And it's totally on-trend, too. What more could a pregnant woman ask for?

Rib-knitted dress - €39,99

Knitted top - €44,- €22,-

Midi jumper dress - €40,99

Maternity dress - €25,-

  1. Pants

Another case of top and bottom in one. The great thing about dungarees is also that you can wear them in different ways to create looks with completely different styles. Going out for dinner with your lover? Wear a white blouse under your dungarees and style it with a pair of loafers or low-heeled shoes. An afternoon shopping with your bestie? Then a soft sweater with a pair of comfy sneakers is a wonderful option. You get the idea, you can go either way!

Pants black - €29,99 €17,99

Pants from corduroy in fawn - €62,99

Denim pants - €56,99

Pants beige - €36,95 €29,65

  1. Leather pants or legging

Leather clothing is not going to leave us for a long time. And I really mean not for a very long time. Therefore, leather pants in black or another neutral color can definitely be labeled as basic. Whether it's coated pants, which give a leather look to the pants, or faux leather pants: it will do the trick. Pair it with a lovely soft sweater and your puffer jacket and you're ready to brave that fall weather.

Flare pants - €41,99

Leather pants - €50,- €10,-

Skinny Maternity jeans - €39,99

  1. White blouse or shirt

A white blouse is a must-have in everyone's closet in all seasons of the year. In spring and summer, you probably wear this item without a coat, while in autumn you pull a lovely sweater (for example, with a striped pattern) and a jacket over it. Yes, you can definitely wear that puffer jacket or that trench coat over this. You see, you can match all these items with each other just fine? ;)

Soft shirt - €39,99

Maternity blouse white - €34,99

Shirt blouse - €34,99 €27,95

  1. Loose-fitting blue jeans

Is there anything wrong with skinny jeans? Absolutely not! But of those days when everything you put on has to be comfy, loose-fitting jeans, like mom jeans or straight jeans, are probably just a little more comfortable. Because yes, we can't say it often enough: don't sacrifice comfort!

Wide high jeans - €39,99 €17,99

Straight high jeans - €44,99

Roomy mom jeans - €32,99

Wijde jeans with split - €50,- €18,-


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