These are the most popular babymoon destinations!

These are the most popular babymoon destinations!

Yes, babymoon! 

You're pregnant, you have a tired body and you want to enjoy some last moments alone with your love before the baby arrives: the perfect excuse to go on vacation and relax. Of course, you go on a babymoon then! But what is a babymoon, what is the best period during your pregnancy for a babymoon, and what are popular destinations for a babymoon? We will answer all these questions in this blog post!

What is a babymoon?

When you think of the word babymoon, you might also think of the word honeymoon. That's not surprising, because these two vacations also have something in common: both are celebratory vacations because you have something to celebrate, and both are all about quality time with your love. During a honeymoon, your partner and you celebrate your brand new marriage by sharing romantic moments together. A babymoon is all about quality time with your love before you get to receive the most beautiful gift in your life. And every chance life gives us to celebrate, we take it, right?

Once your little miracle is born, you will have your hands full. This is of course wonderful, since you made this little person, but it is also exhausting. Probably you and your partner will also have less time for each other. Exactly the reason why a babymoon before the arrival of your baby is valuable. Even if you are already parents and expecting a second or third child, a babymoon is still allowed ;)

What kind of vacation is a babymoon supposed to be? There are no (social) rules for this. Do you feel like going to a sunny and tropical place for a week, or rather a cozy weekend at the seaside in your own country? A staycation is also possible, where you go offline at home and only have attention for each other. Whatever form your babymoon takes, the only rule is that you can (read: must) enjoy romantic moments together before the little one arrives.

What is the best period for a babymoon?

Again, you are completely free to decide; there are no set rules. Just keep in mind that you will feel better at certain moments in your pregnancy than at others. And of course, it is useful to use these moments to do fun things and plan your babymoon.

During the first trimester, you can be hugely bothered by pregnancy sickness (hello toilet bowl!), while fatigue can overpower you in the third trimester. You probably won't be very mobile in your third trimester either. Something you definitely don't want is to spend your entire babymoon nauseated or overtired, because enjoying yourself is a must (and the only must). Of course, every pregnant woman is different in terms of the pregnancy ailments that keep her company, but for most pregnant women the second trimester seems to be the perfect time for a babymoon.

Flying during your pregnancy

Chances are that you will choose a destination for your babymoon where you will travel by plane. It is then important to check whether you are still allowed to fly or not. The length of your pregnancy plays an important role in this. Less than 28 weeks pregnant? Then no airline will have a problem with you flying with them. Make sure that you always mention that you are pregnant when booking your flight ticket. 

When your 36 weeks of pregnancy are up, almost all airlines will refuse to take you on board. Are you expecting multiple births? Then you will not be allowed to fly after the 34th week of your pregnancy. These limits are set because airlines want to minimize the risk of giving birth on the plane. This is understandable, since the right care providers and resources to help you through your birth are not available on the plane. In addition, it is important to know that most airlines require a pregnancy certificate as a requirement to fly when you are between 28 and 36 (or 34) weeks pregnant. 

Golden tips for your babymoon

Can't wait to plan your babymoon? We understand, of course. But before you choose a destination and book your babymoon, you might want to read up on the following golden tips:

  • There is nothing wrong with flying to reach your babymoon destination, but a long flight is not recommended during your pregnancy. Sitting still for long periods of time with little room to move around will probably not do you much good. Always take into account your body, such as your back, which has a bit more to endure during pregnancy. Also, always check if the airline you have in mind allows you as a pregnant person on the flight.
  • It is wise to always keep an unexpected birth in mind. Therefore, do not choose uninhabited places as a destination for your babymoon, and do not go to countries where medical facilities are not too good. 
  • Avoid countries with a high risk of infection through drinking water or countries where there is Zika.
  • Activities such as scuba diving and bungy jumping during your babymoon sound very adventurous, but you might want to put those off until after your pregnancy.
  • Are you looking forward to returning home with a beautiful tan? Enjoying the sun is certainly allowed, but in moderation. This is important to prevent overheating and a pregnancy mask.

The most popular destinations for a babymoon

You probably already have quite a few destinations in mind that are high on your must-visit list, or that you would like to visit again (preferably without a baby). But even if you don't have any inspiration for your babymoon yet, that's totally okay. We have done some research and selected the most popular babymoon destinations for you!

These are the most popular babymoon destinations!

Enjoying the Spanish sun or architecture

Are you a big fan of Spain? Then there are lots of options for a Spanish babymoon. Fancy a babymoon that doesn't involve lying on a beach bed all day? Then opt for a city trip to Seville or Madrid. Enjoy the beautiful architecture and history of Madrid or Seville, as well as the intimate alleyways (where you can secretly give your lover another kiss, just like the old days). On the other hand, chances are you want your babymoon to be all about relaxing and doing nothing. If so, plan a babymoon to sunny Andalusia or Ibiza. Either way, enjoying tapas is part of the deal.

These are the most popular babymoon destinations!

Soak up the culture or drink mocktails on Sicily

Do you like a mixed vacation, where both relaxing by the pool and soaking up the culture are involved? Then Sicily is a perfect destination. Unwind by the pool or on the beach over a fresh mocktail and a good book, while the next day you feast your eyes on Palermo or Agrigento. Stroll through colorful markets, feast your eyes on temples or visit a museum? Sicily has it all.

These are the most popular babymoon destinations!

Getting a breath of fresh air on the Portuguese coast

Looking for a destination with beautiful beaches and idyllic bays? Then choose Algarve in Portugal. In both summer and winter, the temperature in Algarve is lovely. No need to think about that, right? 

These are the most popular babymoon destinations!

The weekend away: Belgian or Dutch coast

Don't feel like taking the plane or a long bus ride for a babymoon? Get in the car and drive to Knokke or Scheveningen. Choose a hotel with a spa, so you can enjoy a massage after a walk on the beach.


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