These are the finest strollers

These are the finest strollers

Picking a suitable stroller.

You want it to be practical, safe, and preferably stylish too, because compromising on style is just not an option for you. Maybe you want to have more children and are already choosing a stroller with a second child in mind. Then again, there are so many models of strollers with different options and benefits and a wide choice of brands offering strollers. That makes it perhaps one of the most difficult decisions you make when it comes to buying baby and children's gear. Did I mention that it often comes with a serious price tag as well, and is an expensive investment because of this? But how do you choose a stroller? An important first step in selecting a suitable stroller is to list the different types of strollers. We've done the preliminary work, and given you a hand with that!

3-in-1 stroller or combi stroller

The most popular and beloved stroller is the 3-in-1 stroller. After reading all the benefits of this stroller, you will surely understand why it is so popular. The combi stroller is a stroller and a stroller in one. Exactly, two birds with one stone. aIn the first 6 months, this combi stroller will mainly serve as a carrycot, and after that, the combi stroller is mostly used as a stroller. The reason for this is that most little ones can sit up independently around 6 months. This stroller is also equipped with a 5-point safety belt and the backrest is adjustable, usually including a reclining position. Does your child want to see the familiar face of the person driving the stroller, or just explore the world? With most combi strollers, the seat can be placed in either direction. But it was a 3-in-1 stroller, right? Exactly, because you can often also attach a car seat to the base of the combi stroller.

Most combi strollers are equipped to be used as 3-in-1 strollers, but this does not mean that you immediately buy them as 3-in-1 strollers. Many combi baby carriages are purchased as a stroller, with a separate carrycot. Many combi prams are also available as 2-in-1 baby carriages, such as those from Joolz and Bugaboo. These strollers are already a stroller and a baby carriage in one. Why is the car seat often not included automatically? Simply because the car seat has to be suitable for your car, and when it comes to car seats there is an awful lot of choice. To make it even more difficult for you.

Duo stroller or baby carriage

Are you the proud mother of two little miracles? Whether you have twins or a toddler and a baby, a duo stroller, also known as a pram or pushchair, will come in very handy. You can buy a special duo stroller for this purpose, but a 3-in-1 stroller that has the option to be converted into a duo stroller is also worthwhile. This is also a stroller to consider for the future, if you would like to expand the family even further.

With duo strollers, the 2 seats can be placed side by side (side-by-side stroller) or behind each other (lengthwise duo stroller). Some parents prefer a side-by-side pram, because both kids have the same view and this is the most comfortable for the kids themselves (as long as they are each other's friends). These types of prams are fairly wide, however, so they are often less suitable for narrow doorways. When buying a side-by-side stroller, it is also always advisable to measure your trunk. Because of the width of these baby carriages, they do not fit in all trunks.

A duo stroller in the length is a lot less wide, so: no struggles to get through narrow doorways. With this type of pram, you do have to compromise on maneuverability. Because of the length of this baby carriage, it is a lot harder to steer the baby carriage smoothly and to make turns. An advantage of this type of duo stroller is that you can decide in which direction you place the seats. Kids who tend to fight with each other? Then a duo stroller in the length is ideal.

Running stroller or Runner

Do you want to become a sporty mom and go running regularly? Then choose a running stroller, also called a Runner. This stroller is characterized by larger wheels that are also further apart. The Runner also has only one front wheel, which makes the stroller better able to keep up with your high speed and also keeps it stable, which is of course great for the little one. To put a side note to it right away: this stroller is often purchased as an extra stroller by avid runners. Simply because with this stroller you have to compromise on maneuverability, and because they are much longer and less compact. This makes the Runner less suitable to use as a regular stroller for regular walks with the little one.

What are the best baby carriages?

Now that you know what types of strollers exist, you are probably a step ahead in your search for an ideal stroller. But you still have to choose from so many models and brands. Many parents have preceded you in this search. Based on their favorites, we have compiled a top 5 of strollers, with strollers for both luxury and budget savers!

  1. Joolz Day+ Stroller

Not only is this stroller recommended by parents, but it has also won an award. That means something of course. You can steer this 3-in-1 stroller with one hand. Great! Because as a parent there are 1001 other things you need your hands for. Another big advantage of this stroller is that it grows with your child, so not only can your child enjoy a comfortable ride in the first few months. Walking behind the stroller with a crooked back? No way with this stroller, since you can extend the push handle. So, both comfortable for the baby and mom (or dad)! This stroller also features cradle ventilation, for those babies who love to explore the wide world. Smart LED lights are also integrated into the stroller, just to name one more benefit.

Joolz Day+ Stroller - €1.199 - €1.299

  1. Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo Stroller

Do you want to go on the road with two kids? Then this Bugaboo Donkey 2 Duo stroller is the perfect stroller. In this stroller, your kids can look at each other, look at you or just discover the world. Also, this stroller can be steered with one hand, so that box can be ticked off. At first glance, the stroller seems quite wide, but this is quite reasonable. The stroller has a width of 74 cm, so it fits through almost any doorway. Moreover, this pram is equipped with plenty of storage space. Are you planning a picnic with lots of goodies? No problem, the basket under the seat has a capacity of 10 kg. Also, this pram has breathable mattresses, allowing your baby to breathe well and enjoy quality sleep.

Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo Stroller - €1.879,-

  1. Cybex Priam

With the Cybex Priam, you enjoy a compact stroller that you can fold into a compact package with one hand. Again, something you only need one hand for! This stroller is made of lightweight aluminum material making it easy to maneuver over all types of terrain. Chances are, Grandma will want to take the stroller for a spin too, and Dad will probably take the little one for a walk regularly. To make everyone as comfortable as possible, this stroller has a height-adjustable push bar. When you purchase the stroller, you will also receive a shopping basket and adapters for a maxi-cosi car seat. In addition, you can adjust the seating to table height. Nice and cozy!

Cybex Priam - €1.223,87

  1. Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2.0

The Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2.0 is a 2-in-1 stroller, with the carrycot easily converting to a seat with two clicks. The small and maneuverable wheels of this stroller make it ideal for walks around town. And yes, this stroller can also be steered with one hand! The reversible seat gives your child the chance to look at both mom and the adventurous world. Unexpected rain during your walk? You can defy it with the rain cover that you receive when you buy the stroller. This stroller also comes with car seat adapters and a spacious shopping basket. Check, check.

Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2.0 - €269,-

  1. Qute Q-Rider

Looking for a stroller that allows you to walk smoothly on any terrain? Then look no further. The swivel wheels and foam tires allow you to drive even over uneven terrain and make sharp turns in the city. This 2-in-1 stroller can comfortably carry children from birth to 22 kg. Another advantage is that both the seating area and the carrycot feature a sun canopy with ventilation. This stroller also comes with a nursing bag, which can even be used as a changing mat. Multifunctional stuff, we love it.

Qute Q-Rider - €649,-


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