These are the best webshops and stores for maternity clothes!

These are the best webshops and stores for maternity clothes!

Has it come to the point that...

most of your clothes no longer fit you? Or at least not comfortable anymore? Every pregnant woman experiences this at some point during her pregnancy. One may experience this as early as the end of the first trimester, while the other may not have trouble picking out a comfortable outfit in her closet until halfway through the second trimester. The first item of clothing that probably no longer feels comfortable is a pair of pants. Not surprising of course, because of your growing belly. Whenever it happens, this moment means you have to give in to shopping for maternity clothes. You might start sighing at this, because you are afraid that now you can't wear a chic outfit to that one dinner, or that you can't wear your fave model jeans anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth! Let me explain why.

What to wear during your pregnancy?

You probably don't think of the hippest clothes when you think of maternity wear. And although you may have been right before, I can happily tell you now that you are wrong. More and more trendy webshops and stores are adding a maternity line to their collection to provide mommies to be with beautiful clothing. That sounds like music to your ears, right?

In addition, you may find that some of the clothes from your old wardrobe still fit. Think about oversized items (luckily oversized clothing is totally on-trend right now!). Then you don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe, but you can combine your maternity clothes with old clothes. And, a golden tip when shopping for maternity clothes: shop the clothes in your own size. Does this sound crazy to you? Go to the store for a fitting and you will see that in most cases it is true ;)

No idea which webshops and stores sell beautiful maternity clothes? Below you will find 6 webshops and stores with a wide range of beautiful maternity wear. The clothes from these websites are the ultimate proof that you do not have to compromise on style when pregnant. I'm sure your non-pregnant friends will ask you whether these clothes also exist in a non-positive version. And that is exactly what we want!

Tips on webshops and stores for maternity clothes

  1. H&M (webshop + store)

Have trouble finding fashionable pants you can wear comfortably during your pregnancy? Of course, we understand that you still want to wear trendy jeans and pants. Look no further, because at H&M you can find great jeans and other pants.

 These are the best webshops and stores for maternity clothes! H&M

1. Mom jeans, €39,99 H&M2. Mom pants, €19,99 H&M3. Mom skinny jeans, €29,99 H&M 

  1. ASOS (webshop)

Do you have a wedding or a chic dinner soon, and are you looking for a fancy outfit? ASOS MATERNITY has beautiful skirts and dresses in its collection.

 Pregnancy clothing ASOS

1. Midi dress, €48,- ASOS2. Midi skirt satin, €30,- ASOS3. Midi skirt sage, €32,99 ASOS

  1. Mamalicious (webshop)

Looking for a dress, but also a midi jacket and pajamas? This all-around webshop has it all. Yes, the women behind this webshop understand like no other that as a mommy to be you still want to look fashionable. We love!

 Mamalicious maternity clothes1. Pregnancy dress Misted Yellow, €99,99 Mamalicious2. Jacket, €22,45 Mamalicious3. Maternity pyjamas, €22,45 Mamalicious 

  1. ONLY (webshop + store)

ONLY is the place to be for maternity wear if you like fine basics and simple clothing without crazy prints and colors. And let's be honest, we all need good basics, right?

Webshop and stores for maternity clothing ONLY

1. Mom jeans, €44,99 ONLY2. Mom striped shirt, €39,99 ONLY3. Mom lace dress, €49,99 ONLY

  1. Pretty Little Thing (webshop)

I can tell you that PLT has the latest trends in fashion, and for pregnant ladies too. A beautiful oversized blazer, neat pants, or leather pants? PLT to the rescue.

 Maternity clothing Pretty Little Thing

1. Faux leather shorts, €8,40 Pretty Little Thing2. Oversized blazer, €53,20 Pretty Little Thing3. Cargo pants, €21,- Pretty Little Thing 

  1. Boohoo (webshop)

Just like PLT, Boohoo offers trendy maternity wear for great prices. You are happy, and your wallet is happy.

Boohoo maternity clothing webshop

1. Wrap over blazer dress, €18,75 Boohoo2. Midi dress, €18,75 Boohoo3. Wrap top, €13,50 Boohoo


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