These are the benefits of swimming during pregnancy!

These are the benefits of swimming during pregnancy!

Stay in motion!

Are you a real mermaid? Then I have good news, because during your entire pregnancy you can keep swimming (except when your water has broken)! Nice to know, right? Because (yes, really) during your pregnancy it is still important to keep moving. Besides, you might have had to give up some of your other favorite sports temporarily because of the production of that little one in your belly. Swimming is then a wonderful alternative. Don't expect a refresher course on the theme of "how to swim". Pregnancy swimming is a special kind of swimming, especially for mommies to be. Curious about what it entails and what the health benefits are? Then read on quickly!

What does pregnancy swimming entail?

Just like a lot of other sports exist in a 'pregnant' version, pregnancy swimming is the 'pregnant' version of a regular swimming class. No exercises to learn to swim (and then get your swimming certificate), but exercises to maintain your fitness and train your muscles. Besides floating, swimming and strength exercises, breathing, and relaxation exercises are often part of pregnancy swimming. These exercises will help you to be fit during childbirth, and to recover physically faster after the birth of your little miracle.

Swimming during pregnancy is experienced as pleasant by many pregnant women, because the water supports your body with a growing baby bump and you can even experience a feeling of weightlessness. This allows you to move freely in the water. The minimal shock load in the water also contributes to this. As icing on the cake, the little one in your belly also loves it when you swim, as the rocking movements during swimming are soothing for the baby.

Oh yes, pregnancy swimming is done in groups, together with other mommies to be. Great fun, right? Who knows, you might even make some friends for your little one!

What are the health benefits of pregnancy swimming?

Maybe pregnancy swimming appeals to you simply because you are a mermaid. But the real beauty of pregnancy swimming is that it offers many benefits in every trimester of pregnancy and can help to reduce pregnancy ailments. And you won't let anyone tell you that twice.

Bet you'll sign up for pregnancy swimming right away after reviewing the list below. Say hello from us to the local pool ;)

  • Reduce morning sickness. Do you suffer a lot from pregnancy sickness? Then swimming in cold water might help. Many pregnant women report that they feel less nauseous after swimming. Worth a try!
  • Strong back muscles. During pregnancy, your belly grows enormously, which puts a lot of pressure on your back muscles. Swimming is an ideal way to train and strengthen your back muscles.
  • Maintain your condition. Do you have a good intention to get fit before giving birth? Say no more and sign up for pregnancy swimming.
  • Relaxation. Looking for an ideal way to relax during pregnancy? With pregnancy swimming, you need to look no further. During pregnancy swimming, you will also do breathing exercises, which can contribute to ultimate relaxation.
  • Stimulate blood circulation and expel fluids. You will notice that the pool water during pregnancy swimming is slightly warmer than normal. Besides the fact that the warm water is wonderful, it also has positive effects on your health. It stimulates your blood circulation and it drains fluids, which you may suffer from during pregnancy. Do you suffer from cramps? The warm water can help with that too.
  • Relieving pain. We all know that pregnancy can be accompanied by many pains. Backache and pelvic pain are common complaints. But good news, because pregnancy swimming can help to relieve these pains! The water 'carries' you, which may even make you forget you are pregnant (because: less pain and no burden of those pregnancy pounds)
  • Reduced risk of injuries. You always want to prevent sports injuries, especially during pregnancy. Pregnancy swimming also offers advantages in this area, since your muscles and joints are subjected to minimal strain.
  • Brain development baby. In addition to these great benefits for you, swimming during pregnancy is also beneficial for your baby. Research has shown that during exercise certain substances are released into your bloodstream and boost the mental development of your baby! Einstein, here you come ;)

Pregnancy swimming tips

Are you already registered for pregnancy swimming at your local pool? Great job! The tips below can help you get the most out of swimming:

  • Swimwear. Do you find it difficult to choose a suitable swim outfit that you can wear with your baby bump? Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy and what you find comfortable, you can continue wearing your old bikinis. Do they not fit or are they not comfortable anymore? Then you can opt for pregnancy swimwear, or simply buy one size bigger. A low-waist bikini bottom and a molded bikini top with underwire are recommended.
  • Prevent slipping. The wet floors at pools are tricky, pregnant or not. Flip-flops with a non-slip sole can come in handy and prevent you from slipping.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water. As with other sports, it is important to stay hydrated and drink water regularly. Therefore, schedule regular drinking breaks. Oh yes, this break is also useful to catch your breath!
  • Listen to your body. Don't forget that you are pregnant and that your body is already working extra hard. Take it easy during swimming and pay attention to your breathing. Do you feel you are overexerting yourself? Then don't force yourself and take a break.


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