The scan showed that the baby in my belly was not a son but a daughter

The scan showed that the baby in my belly was not a son but a daughter

Wow, a second son. A mum of boys! There will be two little boys to go on a walk with, in a few months. One snuggled up to me in the baby carrier while the other races through the forest with daddy. We fantasised about it... Until the day of the 20-week ultrasound. A surprise was waiting for us.

It's a boy!

An ultrasound at the midwife at 16 weeks. Nothing special, just a regular check-up. After some baby measurements, she suddenly asked if I wanted to know the sex. Of course, I did! The midwife knew for sure. A boy! I knew that learning the baby's gender at 16 weeks was a bit early. Nevertheless, I did not doubt it for a moment. I was expecting my second son.

"I even took the Babywatcher to the other side of the country to admire our baby during the family weekend."

Oops, plot twist

The time had come: the day of the twenty-week scan. In the car, we were still discussing the colour of the baby's room. Typical baby blue or a neutral shade of green on the wall? We just couldn't agree. When we arrived at the hospital, we were fortunately allowed in together. Because the baby was lying well and cooperating, the most crucial part of the ultrasound was soon over. He was healthy. Hurray! A healthy little boy was growing in my belly for the second time. Or so I thought. We were asked if we knew the sex. My husband and I nodded happily. We were asked to take a good look at the big screen. We did. The entire time, already. We stared. But at what, exactly? My husband was the one who asked if there was something wrong with the baby. Our son turned out to be a daughter.

It is not a joke

Did I want a daughter? Panic and doubt did set in. After all, wasn't I a real mum of boys? But after seeing our girl again at the midwife's (yes, that midwife, the one who told me I was expecting a son), we were reassured. The midwife apologised while I burst out laughing. We are having a girl! When we told our family and friends that our son was a daughter, they thought we were joking. Even the pictures of the ultrasound did not prove to be sufficient evidence.


To convince everyone, I wanted to arrange a non-medical ultrasound. It seemed as if the universe wished no one to believe us because there was no way we could plan an appointment. Grandpa couldn't make it; then my best friend couldn't. The time was not right, or the location was not easily accessible by car. Very annoying! That had to change. I decided to organise something myself. I should have known earlier that you can make ultrasounds at home on the couch. With the Babywatcher, everyone who wanted to see our little girl could watch her in our own home! I even took the Babywatcher to the other side of the country to admire our little girl during the family weekend. In one go, I managed to convince everyone that we weren't joking. A daughter. Yes, really.

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