The most beautiful jewelry to capture the love for your little one

The most beautiful jewelry to capture the love for your little one

The love...

you feel for your child(ren) is the purest thing - your bond is infinitely strong. How special is it, then, to eternalize that bond? And to always carry your child or family close to you! These are the most beautiful jewels to capture the love for your little one.

The most beautiful jewelry to capture the love for your little one

  1. Vedder & Vedder

You probably know the famous coin necklace, a real lucky coin. Handmade in the Vedder & Vedder atelier. Let the initials of your loved ones shine, or choose a fingerprint. How special!

  1. Minitials

In one word: dazzling! You need a bigger wallet, but - really - the jewelry of Minitials are all eye-catchers. I have had my eye on the 'Constellation Charm.' Love it! I mean, look at the details. Everything is just right. Beautiful! I am saving up a little bit more... ;-)

  1. Mamaloves

With this bracelet, you show how proud you are of your children! What's so special about this collection is that there is also thought for those who are missing someone. The Proud Mom Collection has been expanded with little stars and hearts. Available in 22 colours of satin cord.

  1. ByNouck

Another necklace with an initial. Just because they are so cute! With this variation, you wear the letter of your loved one as a pendant. This necklace is ideal for adding more charms.

  1. Anna + Nina

Besides the most fantastic jewelry, they also have a birthstone collection, especially for you and your child(ren). Or your partner, of course! Vary the rings, necklaces, and earrings, and you'll be carrying everyone you love close by.

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1. Coin necklace €99,- Vedder & Vedder, 2. Constellation Charm €608,- Minitials, 3. PROUD MOM Bracelet €47,95 Mamaloves, 4. Fine Chain Small Initial €33,- ByNouck, 5. Birthstone earrings €189,95 Anna + Nina


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