The funniest (and most recognisable) pregnancy memes

The funniest (and most recognisable) pregnancy memes


Describe it as a bumpy (literally and figuratively) road to a beautiful destination. I think this is pretty accurate. Of course, every mommy experiences it differently. One would give anything in the world to be pregnant again and have another baby growing in her belly, while the other is only too happy when those 9 long, miserable months are over, and she has her old figure back. What we can all agree on is that we don't miss those pregnancy ailments: the much-loved morning sickness, the bladder that is only too happy to fill up again and again at a rapid pace, and the sleep that seems to be a huge task, resulting in perpetual fatigue. Not to mention those crazy mood swings. The pregnancy hormones are coursing through your body. Fair is fair; unfortunately, your poor dear partner is the biggest victim of this. Your favourite chocolate being sold out causes a total crying fit, while you are filled with joy and happiness watching a rom-com the next moment. He doesn't know what to think. Hopefully, we can laugh about this afterward. Let's take a trip down reality lane and approach the reality of pregnancy with a dose of humour.

  1. As much as we'd like to, trousers simply aren't an option anymore at some point. Let's rock those leggings!

    pregnancy memes funny

  2. Yep, an empty snack cabinet can bring on some tears.

    Pregnancy memes

  3. When your bladder fills up again on leaving the toilet... 

    Funny pregnancy memes

  4. All the joy and happiness, but none of the complaints and ailments!

    Pregnancy memes dads

  5. Again, something is better than nothing. And besides, who is counting

    Funniest pregnancy memes

  6. This is why you should have a blanket with you.

    Memes pregnant third trimester

  7. Ask no more.

    Memes when pregnant

  8. While one person's impatience grows, another's irritation grows...

    Funny pregnancy memes



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