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The 10 Best Pregnancy Gifts According to the Enneagram

It’s not always easy, finding the best pregnancy gift. But you definitely want to show how happy you are for the parents to be. That’s why we’ve collected the 10 best pregnancy gifts for you according to the enneagram. Not only seriously fun to get, but also to give!

Make her feel special

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, but also one of the scariest. We all know it, parenting is hard. First-time mothers will probably experience a lot of anxiety about whether or not they’re going to be good parents (spoiler alert: they are!) and going into labour, whereas more seasoned mamas may worry about how to raise their kids equally and making sure the older kids are not going to feel neglected after the arrival of a newborn. If you know someone who is about to become a mother and want to make her feel special, but don’t know where to start from, here’s what you can get her based on her Enneagram type!

Type 1, the Perfectionist

A Parenting Book

This really wise and realistic mama is probably anxious about how to become the best parent she can be. While reassuring her that whatever choices she ends up making is going to be alright, don’t let her do all the research by herself. A parenting book is going to provide her with all the information she needs to ease her anxieties and feel as ready as she can be for the incoming baby. Some titles we recommend are “Positive Discipline” by Jane Nelson, “The Gift of Failure” by Jessica Lahey, “The Conscious Parent” by Shefali Tsabary, and, if this pregnancy is not her first rodeo, “Siblings Without Rivalry” by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

Type 2, the Helper

Stretch mark oil

This mama is most likely going to need a reminder to take care of herself and put her needs first. During pregnancy, the well-being of the mum is just as important as that of the baby, but it’s hard to forget between all the exciting but stressful changes that come with preparing for a child. An oil to help prevent stretch marks, maybe paired with a body lotion and her favourite snacks, is going to do the trick.

Type 3, the Achiever

Body Pillow

This hard-working mama is probably finding it really hard to live without her daily dose of caffeine. Her to-do list has become even fuller since she has to fit in doctors’ appointments and prenatal classes and all this stress – paired with the big belly – might negatively impact her sleep. The solution to this problem? A body pillow, so that she can finally check out “getting a full eight hours of sleep” off her habit-tracker more often than she probably does.

Type 4, the Individualist

Letters to My Baby

This highly sensitive mama is going to treasure this pregnancy forever and, once the kids are older, she will love to tell them everything about the time they spent in the womb. Why not help her in her mission with a Letters to My Baby set? The perfect gift for her to write down every memory and hope.

Type 5, the Investigator

A Pregnancy Journal

This highly-organized mama has probably been doing research on what to eat, how much to sleep, how to exercise, and so much more since she found out she’s pregnant. From now on, she won’t have to write down all her pregnancy notes on a random notebook anymore. With a dedicated journal, she’ll be able to track down every milestone and doctor’s appointment.

Type 6, the Loyalist

Maternity Bra

As all sixes, all this mama wants is to feel safe and supported. Sure, any gift will do if you want to show her you’re just as committed to your friendship as she is. However, if you want to go the extra mile and make her feel not only emotionally, but also physically supported, what gift is better than a maternity bra? During a time when a woman’s body changes so much in so little time, a good maternity bra can make the difference between feeling uneasy or comfortable in her body.

Type 7, the Enthusiast

Gift Card

This energetic mama is fun and spontaneous. She loves to have fun and keep her options open. Why not cater to her desire to try out new things by giving her a gift card for her favourite store or shopping centre? She’ll be happy spending a day out exploring (or a day in browsing) different stores and new collections to find what excites her the most.

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Type 8, the Challenger

Pregnancy Shirt

This self-confident mama probably posted her pregnancy announcement on social media before she could even say the word “baby”. She wants everyone to know and for a good reason since pregnancy is such a wonderful time filled with memories and emotions. The perfect gift for her, then, is definitely a pregnancy shirt. Something funny and a bit cheesy that she can carry around with pride. The whole world has to know: she is going to be a mum, and e pretty good one, too!

Type 9, the Peacemaker

Homemade Gift Basket

This easy-going, modest mama is always able to find joy in the little things in life. Her down to earth personality means she’s probably going to still be happy if you simply send her a text or a congratulations card. However, if you want to make her feel like she matters to you, a homemade gift basket with all her favourite snacks will be much appreciated.

Bonus, a gift for everyone

The Babywatcher

For couples, one of the hardest parts of going through a pregnancy during a pandemic is the feeling of missing out on experiencing the doctors’ appointments together. The ultrasounds, the hearing your baby’s heart beating for the first time… these are wonderful moments everyone should get to experience. If you know a mother that is expecting during the pandemic, the Babywatcher is the perfect gift! The optimal solution for parents to admire their little miracle from the comfort of their own home.

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